5 Ways That Toddlers or Kids Express They’re Tired

Kids can have peculiar ways of expressing they’re tired.

We know kids are still learning to communicate their feelings through words. But sometimes, words are hard and it’s better to show instead of tell. It may be trying our patience a little bit but kids are not doing it out of spite. So to make lives easier, here are some ways kids or toddlers express they’re tired or that they want to go home.

A tired kid
Photo by Trần Long

1. Tantrums and crying

The traditional tantrums and crying usually occur when they’re at their limit and their brain refuses to make words. Although we hate it when they cry in public, there’s usually some foreshadowing when their lips start quivering and they begin whimpering. They also start to whine a little which usually means they’re about to spring a leak!

2. Delayed responses

When our kids are the chatty and engaging type, it’s a lot easier to find out they’re tired when their responses don’t match up. Or, it’s rather slowed down. Sometimes, we can see this when they just blink or their speech speed is slowed down considerably.

3. Hyperactivity

Running, screaming, howling in laughter, and even giggling can be seen as a sign of exhaustion. In some kids’ bodies, when they feel they’re slowing down, they get hyper instead because they’re fuelled by adrenaline. All the more they’ll get extra energetic and wild because they’re tired before they slump over on the bed, chair, and floor.

4. Yawning/Coughing

Consistent yawning means they’re getting sleepy. Yawning is one of the most common signs that kids are tired. But other kids may show they’re tired by coughing. The lack of air or their struggling to get enough air to pump into their system means they’re probably running out of fuel.

5. Constantly asking to be carried

While we love clingy kids, sometimes, asking to be carried constantly can mean that they’re tired, too. Although we buy them soft sandals or rubber shoes, we sometimes forget that every 1 step of ours is 10 of theirs. They have shorter legs; they need to work harder to cover the distance we’re doing.

A crying child
Photo by Helena Lopes

Knowing when our kids are tired helps keep family outings peaceful

Sometimes, it’s not just the physical aspect that makes our kids tired. Stimuli such as loud sounds, bright colors, screaming, and other things can be tiring for the little ones. Their minds are processing everything at once unlike adults who can choose to ignore the stimuli they don’t need. It also helps to know so that every family outing ends on a high note and, not in a bad mood.

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