Winwyn Marquez Shares Luna’s Newborn Photoshoot

Winwyn Marquez’s latest vlog shows the behind-the-scenes of Luna’s newborn photoshoot.

“The first of many photoshoots,” beams new mom Winwyn Marquez. “We’ve decided that Luna should have a newborn photoshoot.”

Born on May 1, 2022, Luna Teresita Ryan clearly has both her mom and dad gushing with joy as they document the first days of her life. The actress and former beauty queen employed Erron Ocampo from NEXT by Metrophoto to conduct the shoot with Luna having three cute outfits to wear. With the help of Luna’s Ninang, Nicole Castañeda, the photoshoot was a success! Check them out below.

Luna in Classic Pink

Photo from Winwyn Marquez

Winwyn went with a classic baby pink bundle for Luna in one of her shots.

Pink Martial Arts Gi

Captioned with “Someday, I’ll learn Martial Arts like Dada”, Luna sports a cute, crocheted pink martial arts gi with a purple belt. If cuteness had a belt ranking system, we’re sure purple would be one of the higher colors.

Luna’s first crown!

True to the pageantry spirit, Winwyn Marquez crowns her daughter with her very own crown! Crocheted in white and red, Luna now has a crown that cements her position as “mama and dada’s princess”.

After the newborn shoot, the family comes together to have their first family shoot.

‘Loved and cherished since Day 1’

Winwyn Marquez shared on her Instagram that the newborn photoshoot not only helps them document Luna’s life but, they hope that when their daughter sees it, she is reminded that she is very much ‘loved and cherished since day 1’. “It’ll also make looking back at her early months super fun,” writes the new mom on Instagram.

Winwyn Marquez added that this newborn shoot will be the first of many to come. Check out the rest of the behind-the-scenes here:

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