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6 Essential Newborn Care Apps to Download

These essential newborn care apps make it easier and more convenient for first-time parents!

Being a new parent in this day and age means having an abundance of baby care technology. This includes essential newborn care apps that make it convenient to track your little one’s growth, feeding sessions, diaper changes, and more. If you’re not sure what newborn care apps to download, we’ve put together a list of highly recommended ones.

Essential Newborn Care Apps for New Parents

1. Glow

essential newborn care app

Glow is an essential newborn care app that helps you track diaper changes and log feeding sessions and naps. You can easily input all of your baby’s activities and milestones. Additionally, it comes with insights and tips to motivate breastfeeding moms. The pattern chart is particularly helpful in forecasting what your baby will be needing soon.

2. Huckleberry

essential newborn care app

Similar to Glow, Huckleberry combines sleep guidance, expert advice, and an easy baby tracker all in one app. Moreover, this essential newborn care app offers customized sleep plans that take your family’s unique needs into account—from nursing to sleep, to monitoring wake windows.

3. The Wonder Weeks

essential newborn care app

A lot of moms swear by The Wonder Weeks. Some even say it’s like a “horoscope for babies.” When the tough times and sleepless nights come into play (thanks to the periods of change or increased fussiness), The Wonder Weeks app allows parents to better understand their baby’s mental development.

4. BabySparks

During the first year of a baby’s life, his or her brain creates more than a million new neural connections every second. Because of this, BabySparks was designed to share expert-created, customized daily play programs. The app offers a variety of development activities and milestones that parents can track.

5. Sleepiest

Sleepiest helps both you and your baby fall asleep thanks to the selection of bedtime stories and meditations. It even has white noise options that help soothe a newborn baby.

6. Feed Safe

If you’re a breastfeeding mother who fancies a glass of wine every now and then, this clever app helps you calculate the time until there is no alcohol in your breastmilk. It was designed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association in collaboration with researchers from Curtin University. All you have to do is enter when you had your first drink. The app then lets you know when you’re ready for a feed.

Essential Newborn Care Apps to Help First-Time Moms and Dads

With these incredibly helpful apps to assist you in recording memorable moments, tracking important milestones, remembering which side you last fed and more, all you need to do is head to your phone’s app store and download!

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