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The Influence of a Woman Matters in Family and Society

Chesca Kramer, Ayn Bernos, and Roanne Carreon know what it feels like to be scrutinized. But they also use their influence as a woman on the people around them.

It’s often said that when one puts themselves out there, the chance of being scrutinized by the public goes overdrive. Actress and mom Chesca Garcia-Kramer, content creator Ayn Bernos, and Co-Founder of Queer Safe Spaces Roanne Carreon know what it feels like to be in the public eye with the various activities they do on a day-to-day basis. Speaking at the segment of Women of Influence segment that Lactacyd and Buscopan sponsored in celebration of International Women’s Day, Cheska, Ayn, and Roanne gave insights into navigating the public eye. Moreover, they imparted the important lessons one can gain from it.

Chesca Kramer as one of the panels for Lactacyd's Woman of Influence

Chesca Kramer: Parents should be role models to their kids

Chesca, whose family Team Kramer is composed of her husband Doug and three kids Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin, shared that as a mother, it’s important they set examples for their kids.

“As a parent, we are to be role models to our kids,” Chesca pointed out. “When we say something, we have to make sure that we model it. And we don’t confuse them with what we say in our actions.”

Citing her relationship with her two daughters as an example, Chesca makes sure to ask them how their day was and assure them that she can talk to her about whatever concerns they have.

“I’m very intentional with spending time with them every day. I don’t just ask them how school is, how are you today? So I try to make sure that my children know who their anchor is. So anchor would have to be God first, and then the family.”

She also assures her daughters, most especially Kendra, who is now going to regular school, that no question is hard or too mature to ask her.

“They know that their safe space is with me. Where I do not judge them, but I’m here to listen to them and I’m very firm about that. I’m very intentional with that,” she explained. “And at the same time, I always tell my daughters that in your little circle, you have your voice there. In that little circle of yours, you can make an impact there.”

Ayn Bernos as one of the panels for Lactacyd's Woman of Influence

Ayn Bernos: The importance of representing yourself

As a content creator, Ayn had to defy the comments thrown by people at her. More so when she decided to join Miss Universe Philippines in 2021.

“I was like—if you’re saying that about me, you’re saying that about everyone. Every Filipina who looks like me, which is quite a lot. Because I’m very common,” she laughed.

“So that’s why I feel like it’s so important to present yourself. Especially if you have your own sphere of influence. To be as confident as you can, to embrace yourself as you can. Because you’re not just representing yourself, but other women as well who are following your footsteps.”

Ayn’s projects, Morena the Label and Kayu Beauty, were all derived from her experiences as a morena. With Morena the Label, it was very important that she also emphasizes the importance of brown or kayumanggi skin. Something many Filipinos tend to be ashamed of.

“Once we have information, once we have the knowledge, we can really do so much,” Ayn shared. “And whatever we do for our own story, it extends to everyone around us. So that’s what I’ve been trying to achieve with the businesses I have. And also we’re transitioning to an NGO. Because we want to move forward with the advocacy and really have more impact outside of awareness.”

Roanna Carreon as one of the panels for Lactacyd's Woman of Influence

Roanne Carreon: Providing a Safe Space for the LGBTQ+ community

As the co-founder of Queer Safe Spaces, Roanne Carreon said that the community has often been ostracized for being different because of their sexuality. Asked by host Bianca Gonzalez how women can help the community, Roanne answered: “In this heterosexual society, meron na tayong mga shared stories. May mga biases na.”

“To be a better ally and advocate of our safe space, we would appreciate if mas ma-educate pa sa experiences namin and realities na pinagdadaanan.”

When it comes to dealing with and influencing, Roanne explained that it’s understandable everyone will be scrutinized. “We have to accept the fact that we’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Marami talaga ang hindi magugustuhan ang content mo, hindi lahat tanggap ka especially sa amin sa LGBTQ community.”

“At the end of the day, nasa acceptance stage na kami na as long as kilala na namin ang sarili namin as long as tanggap namin ang sarili namin, and tanggap kami ng family and friends namin, hindi na nag-mamatter yung external comments.”

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