Ynna Asistio Gets Married and Announces Pregnancy

Actress Ynna Asistio married her longtime love Bully Carbonell and announced they are expecting their first child together.

Actress Ynna Asistio recently married her longtime love Bully Carbonell. Their family, as well as close friends, attended the wedding. But aside from celebrating their marriage, Ynna confirmed some good news – she’s pregnant!

Photo from Ynna Asistio

Blessing after blessing

In an Instagram post dated August 9, Ynna wrote: “Blessings after blessings! Tagal ko na gusto magkababy and finally, it’s happening. I’ve been battling with PCOS since I was 13 years old and it has been a difficult battle for me.” 

Ilan beses na ako nahospital because of it and I was told na mahihirapan ako magkababy,” Ynna continued. “It has always been my prayer and my dream to become a mom as I always say, In His Perfect time He will make things possible. I was losing hope when I turned 30 ‘coz my PCOS kept coming back and was getting worse. I would heal it for a few months but it kept coming back but now eto na, another prayer and dream of mine is about to come true.”

Ynna said she and Bully waited for a while before making the announcement for their baby’s safety. Moreover, she said with the changes happening to her, she’s very contented.

“I can finally say that I am contented, at peace, and happy with my life.”

A message to those going through PCOS

Ynna also thanked her doctors and family for the support she has gotten in the past few days. In addition, she posted a message to women who are going through PCOS.

“For those who are suffering from PCOS like me, the battle may be difficult and depressing but don’t ever lose hope because if it’s His Will, He will make it possible.”

Ynna is the daughter of actress Nadia Montenegro with Boy Asistio. Her siblings include Yanna and Ysa.

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