15 Backstreet Boys Songs For Every Millennial Parent’s Playlist

Dear BSB Army parents, here are the Backstreet Boys songs your playlist needs for their upcoming 30th anniversary.

Although the hype for the Backstreet Boys’ DNA World Tour Concert has died down, many BSB Army parents and millennials still want their daily dose of nostalgic 90s boy band music. The Backstreet Boys have shaped our idea of what pop music is for almost 30 years (and counting!) and the Philippines even have its own fan club. So for those who are looking for some Backstreet Boys music to groove to until their toes turn black and blue, here are some songs that need to be in your Backstreet Boys playlist:

1. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back!)

“Backstreet’s back, alright!” — the line that every BSB Army member knows and has heard from their famous song, Everybody. The song even came out in a movie where they were just rocking it out in Heaven in the 2013 comedy, This Is the End. It’s also a song that’s gained traction in Instagram reels and YouTube shorts.

2. I Want It That Way

Everyone knows this song, but BSB Army fans treasure this song like gold because it’s one of the few songs where Kevin Richardson has a solo besides the song, Show Me The Meaning Of Feeling Lonely. The song also won multiple awards and we’re sure many of us would be belting it out when Nick Carter sings the end of the song’s bridge.

3. Shape of My Heart

This song has melted hearts, and it’s also one of the few songs they have consistently performed a capella, proving that the boys still got it. A song about being candid with showing who they are, this Backstreet Boys song will always have this mellow and liberating feeling about accepting that we’re not perfect.

4. What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)

Remember Princess Diaries 2? We’ve been trying for ages to find the name of the song based on the line, “What makes you different, makes you beautiful?” This is the song! Backstreet Boys released What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) in their Black and Blue album and the Princess Diaries 2. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have it. It is available on YouTube, though.

5. The One

One of the bigger hits on the Backstreet Boys’ Millenium album, I’ll Be The One is so catchy and has us declaring that we’ll be the one to face anything that comes our way.

6. The Call

Another hit from their Black and Blue Album, it’s a Backstreet Boy song that shows how cheating can go wrong. Although the music video had a big car chase that exaggerates a few things, the song still points out that it’s never good to cheat on a partner. Plus, this was the third song in their lineup for the DNA Concert that got everyone jumping and singing.

7. As Long As You Love Me

As Long As You Love Me was also one of their more popular songs that had a wonderful blend of both belting and catchy rhythm. Almost every Backstreet Boy parent remembers themselves or their millennial kids belting the chorus of this song in the car or in the shower.

8. Don’t Wanna Lose You Now

“Don’t wanna lose you now, I know we can win this” — the anthem many couples can fall back on when going through a hard time. Sometimes, the spirit of fighting for the love we had as a couple just needs to be reignited by a Backstreet Boys song.

9. Larger Than Life

When Life seems to throw you a curveball, Backstreet Boys’ Larger Than Life literally slaps you with the realization that you are bigger than what cards Life seems to have dealt you. It may be a bad hand for now but, that doesn’t mean it can’t be transformed into a winning hand.

10. Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Another all-time Backstreet Boys favorite, and it’s the anthem of many people who are annoyed with people who love sending mixed signals. Seriously, stop playing games. Nobody likes having their hearts torn apart by the games people play.

11. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Whenever we’re heartbroken, this is the song we normally fall back to. Backstreet Boys made this song that talks about loneliness. Each of the boys had a certain incident that inspired them to sing the song. Brian’s was when he had open heart surgery to deal with a heart defect he had since birth. Nick’s inspiration came from a fan who nearly got run over by a bus. Kevin, AJ, and Howie dedicated theirs to loved ones. Kevin dedicated it to his father, AJ sang for a dear friend who died in a car accident, and Howie dedicated his part in the song to his sister who died from Lupus.

12. More Than That

“I will love you more than that” — so the line goes in the Backstreet Boy song, More Than That. When we need a little uplifting, the song can be an ode to ourselves whenever we feel shortchanged by the things that happen in Life.

13. All I Have To Give

For those who are Shania Twain fans, the Backstreet Boys also sang this in her winter concert. All I have To Give is another song that they often did in a capella. Howie fans will get a kick out of this one as this is the song the former said would “display his abilities as a singer.” And after that high note, no one doubts it anymore!

14. I Still…

One of their newer songs from the Never Gone album, I Still… makes its mark as the last song in 2012 that the Backstreet Boys performed as a complete group with Kevin going on hiatus. It’s a good pick-me-up song for those who are in a dark place with the people they love and feel like giving up on them when they shouldn’t.

15. Incomplete

When the Backstreet Boys sang Incomplete during the concert, it had the entire crowd singing. The song is about how some people are really important to us that we can’t imagine life without them. That’s pretty much parents and their kids.

Sorry, there are a lot of Backstreet Boys songs to choose from!

Whether we’re just having a nostalgic trip or reliving the high of the DNA concert, Backstreet Boys somehow have a song for every occasion and every BSB Army member will never be ashamed of dancing or singing to their music. As they close in on their 30th anniversary as a band (which is this coming April), we’re celebrating with them the more we play their music.

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