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2022 Philippine Elections: The Youth’s Participation

The 2022 Philippine Elections have so much at stake. But this time, members of the youth are leading the change.

Come this May 9, thousands of Filipinos will head to the precincts to elect a new set of leaders, who will govern in the next six years. Unlike the past elections, the 2022 Philippine Elections are crucial because of the problems that need to be solved. Battled and scarred by a pandemic, the new set of leaders have a huge task ahead of them.

But all eyes will be on one sector—the youth. They are the most invested and have been leading rallies of leaders they believe in. We look at some of the reasons why.

A high registration of first-time voters from the 18 to 21 year-olds

According to a report from the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in 2021, a total of 4 million from the age bracket of 18 to 21-year-olds registered for the elections as first-time voters. Around 56% of the youth account for the voters with women voters being the highest among those who registered.

A big number of voters who were unable to vote in the past elections have also registered and decided to activate their right to vote.

2022 Philippine Elections

The youth are feeling the brunt of the pandemic and disrespect for the law

The youth of today are the most “woke” sector. They saw how the pandemic affected all industries including the jobs of their parents. They also saw how laws were weaponized and have constantly expressed their views on social media about it.

It is also through social media that they are able to amass volunteerism in the campaigns they lead for the leaders they want.

The youth wants their voices to be heard and they won’t stop

The youth have often been told they have yet to learn so much. But the pandemic and other situations around them have been the catalyst for changes. They used to be worried about jobs and frustrated about political dynasties. But now, it’s the youth that’s mobilizing themselves, going around to talk to people and explaining why they should vote for this particular candidate.

In various rallies, a big chunk of the youth is present. It goes to show that they are serious and know what is at stake—their future.

Their parents have also been participating with placards and messages online that whether their candidate wins or loses, they are fighting for their future.

Leading the change

As voters troop to the polls on May 9, they are voting for the country they want and the future of the next generation.

Six crucial years are on the line. Whoever leads this country will personify who a Filipino is. And the youth is the biggest voice out there. They won’t stop and are determined to make the change despite the challenges that will come their way.

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