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2022 Elections: Reasons Why The Youth’s and Old’s Votes Clash

As the 2022 elections are coming in hot, here are possible reasons why and how politics can disturb the family’s peace.

The 2022 elections seem to have dragged a lot of problems swept under the rug. From the tons of misinformation to the toxicity of candidate worship, these can create clashes between the youth’s and the old’s reasons for voting for a particular candidate. It doesn’t help that these clashes can make family gatherings extremely uncomfortable and unnerving. To further understand what causes these clashes, we need to see what other things are in play.

1. Experience vs. History

What the old have that the youth don’t is experience. The level of awareness, however, can depend on how close they were to a political candidate. Some experienced it firsthand whereas others had stories passed down from their grandparents. It’s why many are still screaming that some parts of history are possible propaganda—especially when the old take it out on the youth when the topic of the 2022 elections comes about. But that doesn’t change that some of those stories are very real to those who lived to tell the tale.

2. Access to Information for the 2022 Elections

Unfortunately, the older generation didn’t have that much access to information compared to the youth of today. Today, Google, Bing, Ecosia, Yahoo, and even Facebook have become portals to the library of information. But because computers and the internet came in much, much later, many of the older generations are still coping with how to navigate through the digital environment when the youth swim in it 24/7 through their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

3. Growing Up in Different Social Settings

The social setting where the old and the youth grew up molds what virtues and values they want to see in a leader. While the youth want a leader who displays accountability because social media has receipts to win the 2022 elections, the old want a strong leader that won’t back down because of the constant turmoil and war that happened in the past. Both sides make a strong argument: the youth want a leader who’s willing to accept and improve on their mistakes. Whereas, the old want a leader who won’t be seen as a doormat in the international community.

4. Parenting Style

Parenting style, especially on how to process authority, plays a big role in a person’s choice to vote in the 2022 elections. The youth of today — both Gen Z and Millennials — were taught that anyone in authority can still make mistakes. However, the old wasn’t given that kind of revelation during their formative years. The “because-I-said-so” culture played a big role in traditional parenting. Unfortunately, this culture led to many focusing on just knowing rather than knowing and understanding.

5. Of Complexities and Of Alliances

Some families (even if not directly involved in the political scene) may have a stake in which candidate wins in the 2022 elections. The old are probably more aware of the blowback towards their family should the alliance fall out. On the other hand, the youth don’t see alliances as a major factor in deciding who they should vote for. The youth and the old have different definitions of what social responsibilities are, leading to a clash of opinions.

2022 Elections: Setting the Stage for Discussion

Many of us can get really passionate—which can turn off a few people or sometimes be seen as offensive. However, the 2022 elections are no joke. It’s something that will decide the fate of the country and the living standards of the family for the next six years. However, we need to keep in mind that just as we strongly believe in our candidate of choice, so do others who are voting for their choice. If your older kids and you have a clash of opinions then, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t ask why they’d prefer that candidate.

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