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Have a Newlywed Daughter? Here Are 5 Tips You Can Give Her!

Sometimes, in the state of euphoria of being a newlywed, your daughters might make these mistakes.

As our daughters take the next big step in their lives, the joy of a new one can sometimes make them a little careless. Some of them already have planned out what their places are going to look like. Some even have it saved on their online shopping cart. But even if they’re married, they’re still our daughters and we’d want to help them get started. Here are some things we have to make sure our newlywed daughters do and not do.

newlywed daughter

1. Don’t go on a shopping spree for home stuff!

It’s so tempting for our newlywed daughters to press that “add to cart” button especially when there’s a big sale. But make sure you stop her! Over the years of building our own homes, we probably have a few things that can help. We’re also pretty sure that our stuff might even be better than the things she might find during her shopping spree. Every little bit of money saved counts, especially for newlyweds.

2. Do make sure the government documents are complete

The biggest price women pay when they get married is going through the great pains of getting their civil status and their name changed. While our newlywed daughters are old enough to manage their own government documents, they might want to add you as one of their dependents to their taxes, PhilHealth, and other things. It’s quite useful especially when we’re approaching the age when all those pesky genetic diseases hit.

newlywed daughter

3. Don’t forget your furbabies!

The honeymoon phase can be so addicting that some actually forget that they’re fur parents! Because pets can’t understand English, the lack of physical presence of their owner can cause them to spiral into depression. Our newlywed daughters’ pets will feel abandoned and some pets will even throw a tantrum (cats do by the way!) at the owner. Make sure to remind your daughter to either pick them up (if their condo allows pets) or to have them visit their pets every chance they get.

4. Do talk every now and then

Although they have their own lives now, we will still miss them. For the last 20+ years, they’ve stayed in the house and we’re so used to them being there. A short call for a few minutes will help or even just a quick video of what both of you have cooked for the day is a precious moment. We may not outright say it but it’s something we appreciate because at least we know that our newlywed daughters are doing okay.

5. Do keep a list of family phone numbers

The newlywed life needs quite a push at the start so it pays to have some phone numbers of the family on the directory. Especially if you’re moving to an area far away from home, at least there’s someone to help. As moms, it pains us that we can’t exactly help but we at least know someone in the area who can help our daughters on our behalf.

Our newlywed daughters will always be our little girls

Although they have their own lives, that doesn’t mean we need to stop being their mother. There may be some new boundaries but, there are still some things we can do for them. From providing them house stuff or being on the phone, there are a bunch of things we can still do. In a way, they’re being married means we also have a new child in the family. Family gatherings can get all the more fun now with someone new.

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