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4 Cute Tropical Outfits To Wear On Your Next Beach Trip

With the GCQ slowly mellowing down, that means we can finally break out those cute tropical outfits by Comme Ci and Rosanna Ocampo for our dream beach trip!

We’ve all been longing for the beach especially since the pandemic derailed all of our amazing beach plans! And now that we finally can, we’re stocking up on cool swimwear for us and for the kids! Next up, spoiling ourselves with cute tropical outfits! Check out what’s on our beach wear wishlist:

1. Jacket and Shorts Co-ords

Co-ords can make a cute tropical outfit out of anything from your bold-colored tops to your worn-out white tops. Most of all, it doesn’t have the romper issue wherein we have to remove the whole thing just to go to the bathroom. Besides, it comes in multiple designs! We can go either with the rough, tumble, and young with the Denim Co-ords or go classy with the pinstripe Carrine Co-ords. It’s perfect to make any top look classy but breezy at the same time.

2. Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are a perfect mix of classy and cute. Long enough to cover but short enough to keep it interesting, sheath dresses can come in plain or textured depending on what kind of cloth it uses. For a more tropical feel, they usually go with that soft canvas-like cloth with some tassels for that extra accent. The Rosemund Dress uses an antique gold geometric shape to create that solid shape to make your legs look thinner.

3. Flowing Maxi Dresses

What we love about flowing maxi dresses is that we get to feel that breeze underneath. These dresses usually come in different patterns or even just plain. Some of us would prefer it in black for that slimming effect and that it has multiple uses. But denim and pinstripes work too! If you want simple, we’d suggest the Lila Chambray Denim Dress. But for a classy, but cute tropical outfit, the Lila Striped Dress is perfect to create a slimming silhouette.

4. Sleeveless and Skirt Co-ords

Cute tropical outfits

Some of us are not fond of shorts because of our varicose veins or we just don’t want to wax or shave. So, we figured that a two-piece co-ord with a medium-length skirt is a perfect idea. The Halcyon Co-ord, being a co-ord with a skirt, gives us that extra air conditioning for our legs. Plus, if you have to chase the kids, having a flowing skirt works better for movement.

Cute tropical outfits bring the beach home

Since we’re in the Philippines, we really need outfits that have built-in air conditioning especially with our unholy level of heat! But if you just want to treat your stress with some summer retail therapy, you can check out Comme Çi for Rosanna Ocampo’s Summer Solace Line for cute tropical outfits.

Trying to create a tropical paradise at home? Check out our other tropical ideas!

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