5 Easy Tips How To Brew A Tearrific Cup of Tea

Whether its for comfort or healing, here are some tips for a tearrifc cup of tea.

Imagine the perfect scene: it’s a cold, slow rainy day. The kids are sleeping, work’s done (for the moment) and all we hear are the raindrops’ soft pitter-patter against windows while we sip a cup of our favorite tea all bundled up on the bed or couch. While tea looks simple enough to prepare, there’s actually more technique to it to get the most of its health benefits. So, here are 5 easy tips on how to make your cup of tea.

1. Not all teas have the same steeping point.

Steeping is when we leave the leaves inside the pot or mug of hot water. Some teas take as long as 5 minutes but there are some that are as short as 30 seconds! Overdoing it leaves that bitter acidic aftertaste that just turns anyone off especially if it’s Green Tea. TWG’s 1837 Green Tea tastes best after steeping it for 30~45 seconds in newly boiled water. No extra time in hot water, no extra bitterness.

2. Use different teas for different times of the day

Different tea mixtures mean different effects. If you’re having a hard time sleeping, TWG’s White Sky Tea made with Ylang Ylang and Yin Zhen white tea leaves or Sekaya’s Easy Nightcap Botanic Infusion made with Catnip Leaves, Chamomile Flowers, and other herbs ought to give a better night’s sleep after a day of balancing the house, homeschool, and work. But don’t forget to take Sekaya’s Immune Brew if you’re heading out or just got jabbed. Some of the herbs help boost your body’s immune system to help deal with the side effects.

3. Milk vs. Lemon: It depends!

Both milk and lemon make tea taste better but it depends on which tea you’re drinking. Both TWG’s and T2’s French Earl Grey works best with lemon since it’s made of China Keemun which doesn’t work well with milk. Lemon blends well Sekaya’s Gentle Detox and adds extra antioxidants. While some studies discourage mixing tea with milk, nothing beats a hot glass of milk tea made with Sekaya’s Easy Nightcap to make you sleep.

4. Try to avoid the sugar.

What usually kills the healthy part of drinking tea is when drowned in sugar to get rid of the bitterness. But if you steep your tea right, you won’t even need the sugar. It’ll take some time getting used to but the sweet, fruity fragrance of Sekaya’s or T2’s herbal infusions might change your mind. Besides, less sugar means fewer chances of you crashing throughout the day.

5. Hot Brew or Cold Brew: Enjoy it in both ways!

Just like how coffee can be iced or hot, tea can be, too! If you’re going to do cold tea, you can either cold-brew it or steep it first and then chill. While cold brew takes a little longer, T2’s Cold Brew line with Peach Berry or Citrus Zing will make it worth the wait. Nothing beats having a citrus, cold drink to beat the heat while working.

Hope these tips for your tea help!

Making tea or coffee is similar to how you do your skincare or just anything in the house: it’s tailored to what you need. While these tips don’t need to be strictly followed, they help in making the most out of your cups of tea. It also helps curb the milk tea or iced tea craving your kids might be having because of the pandemic. Whether it’s for comfort, healing, or to feel fancy (tip: pinky out for extra fanciness!), drinking tea has always been one way to help restart and rest up before going back to the grind.

TWG can be found in different supermarkets or you can order from their website. Sekaya‘s available in The Marketplace for your weekly grocery runs while T2’s available in their shops in Leaf Beverages Concepts Inc., in Lazada and, in Shoppee with some cute tea sets for a teariffic experience.

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