5 Good Places To Fulfill Your Fresh Fruit Juice Craze

When it’s hard to fill up our veggie and fruit quota, here are places that serve fresh fruit juices to soothe the crave.

Vegetables and fruits can be so annoying to eat or juice. Out of paranoia against COVID-19, we end up washing fruits and vegetables around 5 times in water and salt to soothe our anxiety. But doing so discourages us because we spend a good 1 hr washing them then, we end up grumbling while washing the juicer or blender because there are just so many components to clean! So, to make things easier, here are places that do provide fresh and healthy juices to help fill up our daily veggie and fruit quota.

1. Areté Lifestyle PH

Serving both Subic and Manila, Areté Lifestyle PH offers delicious fresh, cold-pressed, fruit juices that mix in fruits and veggies we need. They even have programs wherein they send juice over to the house to make sure you get your daily vitamin intake. One of their latest kits was their Gayuma Kit which they released on Valentine’s. Coupled with some chocolate strawberries, a soy-scented candle, and their custom cold-pressed juice, it was the perfect self-care kit. But for those who want to try them out, try their Skin Bloom concoction which has Beet, Apple, Celery, Mint Leaves, Carrot, and Cucumber. They offer their full menu on their IG. They even have a fruit juice for people on keto!

2. Raw Natural Juice Bar

The Raw Natural Juice Bar sorts their fresh fruit juice creations by function: Detox, Weight Loss, Skin, and Fiber Cleanse. They also offer fresh fruit juice programs depending on what we’re aiming to do. But if you want to try them out, they have single orders as well. Their D3 is known to be diabetic-friendly, made from Lime, Guava, Coconut Water, Coconut Nectar. But they also have other drinks like their Lemon Chia and Pineapple Chia if you want to start light for your juicing journey.

3. The Skinny Juicery PH

Offering even latté’s and wellness jars, The Skinny Juicery separates their fresh fruit juices by color. They have green juices, root-based juices, citrus ones, and even ones that help those who are really trying to trim down their weight. One of their signatures is what they call the Wellness Shot which is composed of Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, and Raw Wild Honey. They’re available on Real Food, Lazada, and Shoppee but also have their website if you want to check out the rest of their menu.

4. Sexy Beast Juice

Owned by celebrity food coach Nadine Tengco, each creation in Sexy Beast Juice is curated to make sure there’s no guilt. Each of her fresh fruit juices is designed with a specific function from muscle building, weight loss, to metabolic improvement, and other things. Some of her creations include the Age Defy creation to help along with our skin routine, made from Lemongrass, Pandan, Ginger, Apple, Orange, and Celery. She has a website we can order from and even offers guilt-free coffee creations.

5. Better Juice MNL

Better Juice MNL offers a variety of keto-friendly drinks, inclusive of milk tea and coffee. But they usually sell them as a set of six bottles which makes it easier for us so we don’t have to worry about our next fix. They have their Keto Coolers wherein you can choose 3 flavors like their Strawberry Agua Fresca, Apple Flower Lemon Iced Tea, and other flavors. They even have keto smoothies!

Fulfilling our daily veggie and fruit quota shouldn’t be frustrating

Because of the many things to wash, we sometimes limit ourselves to specific recipes. We look for recipes that use less ingredients and have less prep. It saves time but sometimes, we give up our health in return. But giving up our health to save money, time, and effort can sometimes lead to bigger medical bills. Medicine shouldn’t be our food, it should be the other way around. Just like how fresh fruit juices work.

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