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5 Reasons Why You Need To Wear the Right Bra Size

Knowing the right bra size for us means a lot more than just comfort. It’s healthy too!

If there’s anything else other than homeschool that can overwhelm us, it’s choosing the right bra size with all the confusing letters and numbers Plus, some of us are used to going to the lingerie store to test it ourselves. But since we can’t go out during the pandemic, we have to measure our breast sizes ourselves. It’ll take some time getting used to, but once we get the hang of it, we can be comfortable while wearing all the cute clothes we like.

1. Your right bra size is the most “comfortable” wear.

Your perfect bra is supposed to feel like it’s a part of your body. But how do we do that when we can’t physically test which bra is the one? You’ll need two measurements: band size and breast size which we can use a measuring tape to get. First, wrap the measuring tape right under your breasts and jot that number down. That’s your band size. For cup size, you’ll have to lean forward a bit and snugly wrap the measuring tape around your breasts. Once you have that number, you’ll need to subtract the second value from the first value. So, you’ll have to do this:

Measurement w/ Breasts – Band Size = Cup Size

Once you have those two values, we suggest either adding 1-2 cm or subtracting 1-2 cm from the value. These will be your “sister sizes” because different brands have different measurements.

2. We’re growing women!

As women, one of our biggest fears is aging. It’s a time we believe when our boobs sag, get wrinkles and blotches, and can never look perky again. But that’s why we need to find the right bra size and shape. By finding the right cup size and bra size that fits your body age, you’ll still feel beautiful and confident even when the numbers are stacked against you. Besides, none of us like bras that squeeze all our fats out and make ugly silhouettes on our clothes.

3. Having the right bra size is healthy too!

Right bra size

Our breasts are made up of soft tissue and continuously squeezing them the wrong way will disfigure them. Getting too tight a bra also makes us feel bad about ourselves, squishing out all of our fat in the wrong directions. Badly fitted bras can also affect your breathing and can cause skin abrasions and irritations. It’s why some bras have additional padding or underwires to support our breasts especially when they sag so they don’t put extra weight on our backs and shoulders.

4. Different bras for different uses

Depending on what top we’re wearing, we also have to change our bras. That’s why there’s a sports bra which we use for jogging or doing workouts. If we don’t, it hurts, or it just gets really annoying when our boobs just jiggle with every movement we make. We also have strapless bras whenever we wear tubes or off-shoulder clothes since straps can be just so unsightly. Having the right size and style of the bra helps in making the most out of your clothes while giving you a flattering silhouette.

5. Save money and the hassle

Knowing the right bra size saves you money and hassle. It saves money from the gas spent driving to the shop to replace it. Also, it saves you from the hassle of arguing with the seller if you bought your bras from an online shop. Besides, we have little to go to at the moment especially with the new Delta Variant ravaging the Philippines. So, now’s the perfect time to restock on a bra or two.

Finding the right bra size doesn’t have to be frustrating!

Especially during this pandemic, we don’t need the extra stress. It’s why Wacoal has beauty advisors to help you find the right bra for you. They can help you find the right bra size without you having to do it yourself if you’re really not sure about your measurements. Plus, if you want to find a style suited for you, they have a variety of pieces to match whatever you’re in the mood for. Stay tuned to their FB to find out more about their flagship store in Mega Mall.

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