5 Tips On How To Help Your Kids In Car Registration

The annual car registration is a must for the LTO. Your kids will eventually have to do this themselves.

Car registration is a must especially since it’s in the law for drivers to keep their OR/CR in the car. If the kids get into a car accident, at least they can claim the insurance that comes with registering the car. To register the car, you need to go to the LTO. But for some, going to the LTO is a nightmare. So to better prepare for the trip, here are some tips from us to help you and your kids during car registration.

1. Check with your barangay

Some barangays have the LTO bus come over for easy car registrations, sparing the barangay members the stress of travel. Some barangays, however, only have a few slots so it helps to check your barangay’s FB page every now and then to see if the car is due. Once they have slots, the next thing to do is to see which cars can get registered. Some barangays do it by numbers like 1 and 2, or even 1 to 4.

It helps, too, to be friends with some of the staff in the barangay so you can get their numbers for easy contact.

2. Prepare a jug of water

The mass of people can really cause a bottleneck in the system, so bringing a water jug will help them stay rejuvenated. One can never truly know how long the process can take since they need to upload it into the central system. Some processes can be as short as 30 minutes. Some can take as long as 3 hours. So, the water jug will be really helpful.

3. Get them a partitioned envelope for car documents

Sorting out the insurance, the latest Official Receipt (OR), and even the deed of sale is a boring chore. To make it easier for your kids, get them a folder with partitions so that they can easily organize their files. Plus, they can personalize and customize it to their taste so your kids will know it’s really for their car’s registration. Once they choose to sell the car, they can easily hand over the documents to the next owner so there’s no issue with selling it.

4. Warn them ahead that it’ll take more than just an hour

One thing that we sometimes underestimate is how long a certain process will take. Sometimes, it’ll take more than 30 minutes. Other times, it’ll take up the entire day. While it will annoy our kids who have jobs and are working, it’s something that’s part of the system. Remind your kids that if they don’t do it now, the penalties for car registration will be a lot bigger later on.

5. Bring some extra cash

Sometimes, the registration increases in price which means our kids might not have enough to pay for the entire car registration at that moment. Insurance depending on the car can range between 600-1,500, emission testing is around 750 pesos for cars but 650 for motorbikes. Then, there’s the overall big whammy that can cost at least 3,000 pesos. These are the kinds of things we’ll have to talk about with our kids, too, when they want their own car.

Registration is part of our kids’ learning how to maintain a car

While a car is a symbol of independence, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with it. From upkeep for repairs, buffer for accidents, extra cash if they want to dress it up, to even car registrations, it takes a lot of money. Some of our kids will definitely have their dream cars from Benzes, BMWs, and Ferraris. But those things have a big price tag and an even bigger maintenance fee.

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