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5 Ways to Go For That Classy Boho Look

Local works don’t mean it’s purely tribal. Artesan Studio presents the best ways to achieve that classy boho look.

When it comes to looking for a classy boho look, the Philippines is a perfect fit, especially with its distinct art style! Our weaving patterns are so classy that they’re even used for signature bags! But to achieve that look for your home, there’s a particular way to do. And if you do it right, you’ll get that nice, tropical feel in your home even if it’s GCQ. But before you go shopping, here are some ways you can base your judgments on whether or not you should buy that cute, boho-chic item.

Go minimalist

Classy Boho Dining Look

Pearls, crystals, ornate carvings, engravings — yes, these are all nice. But there’s also a saying that goes, “in simplicity, there is beauty”. The classy boho look is all about appreciating the natural beauty in things. Like, having the simple, white Anne Amber Dolly Dining Set for 4. Although it’s just white with a hint of dark blue, designers call this creating a “white space” so that your food will definitely be eye-catching.

Simple but intricate woven designs

Classy boho means you’ll have to up your standards for woven pieces. You’ll need to look at how each rattan fiber is woven into the piece to make sure it screams classy boho look. The Farra Divider definitely would be a perfect accent piece in either your bedroom or study room for a classy woven piece. The woven pattern may not make fancy pictures or art but the simple spread of the circles woven in would be a perfect but breathable cover.

Appreciate high-quality wood and craftsmanship

Often, we just buy the alternative when it comes to furniture. But if you want the furniture to last all the way to your great, great-grandchildren, you’re going to have to branch out to higher quality wood. However, some of the wood can be quite difficult to match especially if it has an orange tinge like Narra. Familiarizing yourself with the different kinds of wood will also help you find the best design for them especially if you want a sturdy table like the Mod Nesting Table.

Embrace your inner earth goddess

Especially because of this pandemic, we totally had to tap into our inner plantita! We’ve been growing a variety of herbs and possibly fruit trees to keep us busy. But what if we live in a condo or an apartment without a garden? That’s what ferns and bacularis are for! Bacularis are wonderful indoor plants and ferns do well with indirect sun. But if you’re not liking that plain pot, you can place it in a Coral Brain Vase from Tadeco Home to give it a classy boho look.

An accent piece with local tribal art

If you want to make a statement like Cruella, there’s still a way while achieving that classy boho look. Balance your look with a simple dress from Etika Collection and an ETHNIQUE Mati Black Box Bag. Or, you can get a bold gold necklace from Adornata to go geometric instead of avantgarde. Oh but since we’re just staying home, we don’t need to wear those painful heels. A pair of TPNW The Braid Nude Flats ought to complete the ensemble.

Local pieces can give that classy boho look too!

Buying these boho-chic pieces isn’t just about looking classy but being too. Artesan Studio, which will be launching this July 7, serves as a hub to help artisans from the different provinces to sell their woven products. By buying these products in Artesan Studios, not only do you help weavers find their livelihood but you’ll also develop a taste of some sustainable fashion. If you’re in the area, you can check them out in Rustan’s Makati or if not, they’re available on their website!

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