6 Best Shops For Your Kids’ Birthday Cakes

A birthday coming up? Here are some shops to buy your kids’ next birthday cakes from.

Birthdays are always worth celebrating no matter how old our kids are. And what’s a kids’ birthday without a birthday cake? Some kids want a 3-tier cake. Others want really ooey-gooey chocolate cakes. Besides the typical custom cake, here are the best shops to buy your kids’ birthday cakes.

Dairy Queen

Famous for their long-lasting Blizzard, Dairy Queen has ice cream cakes in all your kids’ favorite flavors. They have an Oreo Cake, a Kitkat Cake, and other ice cream cakes that they’ll enjoy. The best part about Dairy Queen’s ice cream cake is that they’re customizable. If you want to add rainbow sprinkles, they can put them on. Plus, they have multiple branches and are always accessible through Grab and FoodPanda.


Our kids just love Caramia‘s Gelato Cakes! The smoothness and mild sweetness of their gelato make the perfect birthday cake whether it’s for kids or teens. They’re pretty pleasing to the eye as well, especially the Salted S’Mores Cake and the Sea Salted Honey Crunch. Usually, if there’s an Amici nearby, Caramia’s not too far behind.

Joy Bakes PH

Praised not only for their ensaymada but also their cakes! Joy Bakes, owned by Joy Young, has a tiny bakery hidden in the automobile market that is Banawe where they sell some of their cakes. But for more customized birthday cakes, all it takes is a little DM through their Instagram to get a quote. She does wedding cakes, too.

Ice Cream of the Year

We didn’t believe them either until we tried it! Their Milk Cheese Ice Cream Cake is a big hit among kids, especially for its smoothness. Sure, it’s not as glamorous as a big 3-tiered birthday cake. But for your teens and for storage sake, Ice Cream of the Year is so delicious that it won’t even make it to the fridge once you get started.


Although more known for her wedding cakes, Audrey’s also does birthday cakes for kids! She’s the same baker who provided the cake for Elisse Joson and McCoy De Leon’s daughter, Felize’s, christening. And if you’re looking for giveaways, she makes sugar cookies which were a big hit during Sheena Halili’s daughter, Martina’s, 1st birthday.

Cakes by Alyanna

Custom-designed cakes are always a thing for kids’ birthday parties and Cakes by Alyanna has a knack for designing them. She does a variety of cakes and can even draw anime on them! That says something about her artistic talent! This shop appears to be vlogger Ashley Garcia‘s cake shop of choice, too.

Birthday cakes for kids come in all shapes and sizes!

Usually, birthday cakes for kids are custom-made. Especially if we know what our kids are into, we put an extra effort to fit their preferred theme. But before we buy those cakes, make sure we actually have space in the freezer or we’ve tried them. Otherwise, it’s just going to sit there for the next couple of weeks!

Birthday cakes or birthday ideas? Here’s more!

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