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9 Beautiful Mother’s Day Cakes That We Can’t Ignore!

These bakeries just HAD TO make these Mother’s Day Cakes too pretty to ignore.

Don’t you just hate it when Mother’s Day cakes look so pretty that you feel a little bad you have to slice them before putting the rest in the refrigerator? Unfortunately, these cakes are not just IG-worthy. They’re a slice of heaven, too! Check out these delicious cakes that caught Modern Parenting’s eye this Mother’s Day 2022:

1. Sparkling Strawberry Chandon Cake by The Daily Knead (@thedailyknead_)

This pretty-in-pink cake takes floral elements to make it a two-in-one sweet Mother’s Day gift. Its pink icing is mixed with Chandon Brut and slathered all over the light and fluffy chiffon cake. Each layer is divided by a rich layer of Chandon cream, strawberry compote, and strawberry chantilly cream, indulging us with its unique, light, sweet tartness.

Each Sparkling Strawberry Chandon Cake comes in two arrangements and two sizes. PHP 2,200.00 (Classic + Midi), PHP 4,000.00 (Grand + Classic), PHP 3,200.00 (Midi + Filled With Flowers), PHP 6,300.00 (Grand + Filled with Flowers).

2. Neopolitan Crepe Cake by Papermoon Cafe (@papermooncafeph)

A fusion of both modern and classic, Papermoon Cafe’s Neopolitan Crepe Cake for Mother’s Day has three distinct layers of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla creme hidden under each crepe. Did we forget to mention that they sprinkle crispy pink, white, and brown pearls on top? But trust us when we say that this crepe cake indulges both the eyes and the palate with its mild sweetness.

Papermoon Cafe sells the Neopolitan Crepe Cake in two sizes: PHP 2,500.00 (Large), and PHP 1,300.00 (Medium).

3. Swiss Meringue Buttercream Tableya Cake by Theo and Brom (@theoandbrom)

As if Theo and Brom’s Gooey Ganache Cake wasn’t good enough! They made it extra pretty with a gorgeous, rich, white vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream slathered all over it. The cute little pink flower decals make it a beautiful mother’s day cake. Please note though that once we receive this cake: we. are. not. sharing. Yes, that’s how good it is.

Each Swiss Meringue Buttercream Tableya Cake is worth PHP 949.00.

4. Mocha Pili Cake by Indulge Patisserie (@indulgepatisserieph)

Breaking the usual trend of pink mother’s day cakes, Indulge Patisserie PH decided to create this rich and nutty goodness known as the Mocha Pili Cake. Crowning the Mocha cake is a ring of caramelized pili nuts with crushed ones in the middle. And inside the fluffy chiffon cake, there’s a rich caramel filling and coffee buttercream.

The Mocha Pili Cake comes in two sizes: 6″ (PHP 1,100.00), and 9″ (PHP 1,800.00).

5. Strawberry Shortcake by Cakes by Miriam (@cakes_by_miriam)

This heart-shaped strawberry shortcake caught our eye because of the chocolate-dipped strawberries and fresh berries on top. Underneath its artistic icing is a soft, lightly flavored vanilla sponge cake. After all, some of us might prefer something on the lighter side if we’re not into sweets.

Each cake costs PHP 3650.00.

6. Noir Dark Chocolate Cake by Le Sucre Lab (@lesucrelab)

While it isn’t a Mother’s Day edition cake, Le Sucre Lab has always been making these signature Chocolate Dreamcakes that forced many of us to break our diets. These luscious chocolate cakes have a layer of dark chocolate mousse inside that makes us want to finish the whole tin. The extra proverbial cherry on top? They even have a Guiltless Version.

Each Chocolate Dreamcake costs PHP 485 (Regular), and PHP 155 (Mini).

7. Charlotte by Bizu (@bizuph)

Bizu takes its signature Macaron de Paris and places it on top of a layer of fresh berries to form the pretty Charlotte cake. This Mother’s Day cake is composed of alternating layers of Biscuit Cuillere, blackberry mousse, and raspberry gelee while being encased in a ring of ladyfingers.

Bizu’s Charlotte only comes in one size: 6″ and at PHP 1,950.00 per cake.

8. Loaded Fruit Cake by Casa Luis Pastries By Carmela (@casasanluis)

There’s no rule that says we can’t enjoy a fruitcake on a holiday that’s not Christmas. This fruitcake doesn’t hold back on the brandy or the fruit and they insist on aging it! When something’s that good, there are only two things that can happen: 1.) we’re not sharing, and 2.) we would like to enjoy it. Alone. For Mother’s Day.

Each cake has two kinds: Classic and 1-year-aged. The Classic costs PHP 200.00 (3″), and PHP 700.00 (6″). The 1-Year Aged costs PHP 300.00 (3″) and, PHP 1,500.00 (6″).

9. Tres Leches Cake by The Bake Project PH (@thebakeprojectph)

Immersed in 3 kinds of milk and filled with a homemade creme Anglaise and chantilly, The Bake Project PH went with a more milky approach. Although there are some berries to add some color, the rich creaminess is what makes this Mother’s Day cake all the more beautiful. For orders, DM is the key.

These Mother’s Day Cakes are gift-worthy!

Whether it’s cakes, flowers, or chocolate, all of these are good Mother’s Day gifts. We always love a gorgeous display of flowers or strawberries. Especially if we get to share them with our families and kids, these cakes would taste much sweeter. Just make sure to pre-order before May. We want to ensure that the cake does arrive on Mother’s Day.

Clueless on what to get us moms on Mother’s Day? Here are some gift ideas!

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