PHOTOS: Andi Eigenmann’s Daughter Lilo is Making Waves!

At 3 years old, Andi Eigenmann’s daughter, Lilo, is surfing just like her mom!

Back in the city, 3-year-olds are still learning how to ride a bicycle. But not this 3-year-old! Island girl Lilo clearly takes after her mom, Andi Eigenmann, and champion surfer dad, Philmar Alipayo, as she rides the waves of Siargao’s Cloud 9. According to surfers, Cloud 9 is a favored surfing spot for both pros and beginners to learn how to balance on the board and “feel out” the waves.

Andi Eigenmann's Daughter Lilo is Making Waves!
Source: Andi Eigenmann Instagram

Hanging ten at 3!

Based on Andi Eigenmann’s post, Lilo started learning how to surf from her dad, Philmar Alipayo, around 18 weeks ago.

Andi Eigenmann's Daughter Lilo is Making Waves!
Source: Andi Eigenmann Instagram

But with both mom and dad surfing, she’s also learning even without the board. With a bit of observation and much-enjoyed play time on Siargao’s white sandy beaches, Lilo learns like how all kids do: by modeling. Modeling is one of a child’s most common pathways to learning and they do so by watching a more “learned” individual (in this case, Andi and Philmar) perform an activity (surfing). And the more she watches them, the more she learns, at least when it comes to the basics.

But now coupled with Philmar’s surfing lessons, it looks like Lilo may be joining surfing competitions soon!

Surf’s up, Lilo!

When kids see their parents doing something, they would love to try it out, too! It’s their way of bonding and communicating with them. But also it’s their way of learning. With Andi and Philmar riding the waves, Lilo is learning how to do the same as well. And at 3 years old, that’s a big feat, especially when they’re still refining their motor skills. Surf’s up, Lilo!

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