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I Got It From My Mama: Angelina and Sunshine Cruz

Angelina Cruz opens up about her relationship with celeb mom, Sunshine Cruz, and reveals their secret to timeless beauty 

As a blossoming star in the 90’s, Sunshine Cruz made her indelible mark in the world of showbiz. More than 20 years later, she’s glowing brighter than ever, and her eldest daughter, Angelina, has confidently followed in her footsteps. They share a close bond, proudly referring to each other as best friends and confidantes, but have recently added another title to their repertoire— co-stars. 

For Angelina’s acting debut, and their first gig together, the mother-daughter duo demonstrated their impeccable theatrical chops in the newest commercial endorsement for brand beauty giant, Silka. Not so different from what happens in real life, it shows the nurturing and caring relationship between a mom and her child, which is something extremely familiar to Angelina and Sunshine.  

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Sunshine was all for it when her daughter expressed interest in entering the showbiz industry. She had no doubts about her daughter’s various talents, but was pleasantly shocked to learn just how impressive Angelina delivered her performance when they worked together. She laughs at the thought, sharing, “At first, I was nervous for Angelina but she really surprised me! She’s better at crying than I am!” 

Angelina was excited at the prospect of working with her veteran-actress mom, saying, “I was thankful to experience it with my mom because she was able to give me advice!” She reveals that she received tips on facial expressions and had her mom guide her onset, every step of the way. We don’t have to look too hard to see that their chemistry on screen worked out just perfectly. 

The doting daughter

Beyond acting and life under the spotlight, Angelina lovingly shares that her mom has always been her idol. “I’ve always looked up to my mom, every time. I’ll never stop looking up to her, and I’m proud of her no matter what. Despite the challenges I know she’s faced as a single mother, I’ve seen how strong of a woman she is.” 

No strangers to scrutiny and criticism, they are confident they can get past anything as long they have each other to lean on. “I know she will always want the best for me. The world may turn its back on me, but I’ll always have my mom by my side,” shares Angelina proudly, stating that her mother is indeed her best friend. 

In a loving mother-daughter moment, Sunshine adds, “Everyone experiences heartbreak. Not just romantic ones, but also life challenges. But no matter what, walang duda, your mom will always be there for you.” A true testament of a love like no other. 

Silka is the treasured heirloom passed down from mother to daughter 

When it comes to motherly advice, beauty regimens usually tops the list. Sunshine has been a longtime fan of Silka, and being asked to be the newest brand ambassador, alongside her daughter, is a privilege she doesn’t take lightly. The celebrity mom of three says, “If you find something that’s right for you, na inaalagaan ka and brings value into your life, why would you look for something else? That’s why since 2013, I’ve stuck with Silka and nothing else.” 

Angelina chimes in and shares, “Ever since I was young, I saw how much my mom loved the product, and I guess that makes Silka no longer new to me. And of course, what she trusts, I trust as well. It’s a reminder of the kind of care and love she has given me. I follow all her beauty and skin care advice because I want to have skin like hers when I’m her age.”

With the trust Sunshine has built with Silka through the years, it’s only natural for her to pass this to her daughter. Angelina admits that she takes her mom’s advice to heart and can attest to how Silka has always been true to its core value: Walang Duda, Alagang Silka. The way a mother takes care of herself and her children is something that Silka values. The gentle ingredients and the how the product cares for our skin is evident in the tandem’s flawless complexion. 

Lessons in womanhood, life, and love

It’s inspiring to see such an unbreakable bond. Given their tight relationship, they frequently exchange words of wisdom with one another and always keep their communication lines open. For Angelina, she’s learned many great things from her mom, but shares that the most important is how she treats herself. “My mom has taught me to always love myself and always know my worth as a woman. Ang babae ay laging may halaga, and we should never lose ourselves and our value,” says the 19-year old star. 

When it comes to her own advice for other young women, Angelina says, “I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always had times where I’ve doubted myself or I’m not confident, but I can say that you are beautiful as you are, and you yourself define beauty.” While Sunshine adds, “I’ve learned that as a woman, I’m not powerless. We can take over our own lives— women can choose and create their own destinies.” 

Sunshine also shares how she openly expresses her feelings with Angelina by saying, “I always tell them that I only want what’s best for them. If they ever have a problem, to treat me as a friend that they can depend on, and know that my advice will only be what I think is best for them. I want them to know that the safest space for them is with me— their mom.” 

As for love? “One advice she’s given me is to not fall for sweet talk and false promises,” says Angelina— wise beyond her years thanks to the guidance of her incredible mother.  

More to look forward to

It’s just the beginning for a promising young star like Angelina. With more projects popping up on the horizon, she rests easy knowing that her mother will always be there for her. As a working single mom to three amazing daughters, Sunshine is the epitome of a strong and independent woman. She has established a solid relationship with her children, making sure that conflicts are resolved easily, and that they always remain open and honest with one another. 

Being a mom to daughters, who may someday become mothers themselves, it’s so important to set an example. Sunshine has done just that, and though she may have come across certain challenges in her journey, she’s always stayed true to herself, showing her daughters that being a mom is the best reason you’ll ever have to take care of yourself. 


Shot on location at SHANGRI-LA AT THE FORT

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