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Aruga: The Essence of Filipino Family Hospitality

There is a spot nestled within the urban jungle of Metro Manila that embodies the meaning of Aruga — or what many know as the essence of filial piety and hospitality.

Other nationalities often praise Filipino families for their sense of hospitality — or what we know as Aruga in Tagalog. It shows whenever our guests enter our home; from bringing out newly washed table linens to spread on the tables to lining up the newly polished flatware and dinnerware we use to present the food, we devote all our efforts to assuring our guests that we are more than happy to host them.

And should we feel our homes are currently not up to the standards of our guests, we often outsource it to places like Aruga by Rockwell to help with that.

Catering to many families and friends returning home

Especially when we welcome many of our balikbayan family friends and relatives home, we want to lessen their discomfort as much as we can. So we often choose accommodation that have a lot of amenities and places nearby to reduce the stress of commute. A stay in one of the 114 apartments at Aruga by Rockwell means being walking distance from Powerplant — a beloved lifestyle mall among many of the Makatizens — and a short ride from Poblacion — the source of Makati’s ever-bustling nightlife.

And if we prefer a tranquil day to relax, Aruga by Rockwell’s outdoor oasis, in-room pampering services, the kiddie pool and cozy accommodations cater to every family’s ideal staycation. Styled with an Asian contemporary design, Aruga by Rockwell becomes a space where the family can achieve the zen that is needed to balance the busy family life and career.

By directly booking with Aruga, there are also additional benefits and access to Rockwell Club privileges.

The Meaning of Aruga: “Undivided Attention and Affection”

Many of us who live in the fast-paced, bustling metro need that person (or place, in this case) to give us that undivided attention and affection. While we — as parents — are often the ones nurturing and caring, it’s high time we trust someone to give that to us. Especially if it’s for a family member coming home, we’d want to entrust them to an accommodation that will cater to their every need.

As they continue to spread the virtue of aruga, the hotel chain teases its expansion plans in Cebu and Batangas — two hotspots for family-friendly vacations. They’re also celebrating their 10 years of catering to families, offering a 10% discount to those who book directly with them from June 17 to November 30, 2024 and are staying from June 17 to December 15, 2024.

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