Achieve Youthful, Radiant Skin in One Hour with Avignon’s Latest Treatment, Sofwave Precise

Here’s how Avignon’s latest treatment, the Sofwave Precise, is making waves in skincare and self-care in helping parents find time for their busy schedule.

Every mom and dad deserves to restore their youthful skin from all the stresses they get from their lifestyle. With their busy schedules, finding time to fit in a self-care day can be a problem. That’s why Avignon Clinic introduced their newest skin treatment, Sofwave Precise. A solution for you from all the effects you get from the demands of parenting. Also a first of its kind in the local beauty scene. With this, achieving a radiant youthful skin can be made possible with only one procedure needed in just one hour.

Convenient, quick, yet effective—these are the words that perfectly encapsulate the demands of aesthetics and beauty, hence why this is the perfect treatment for you if you want a quick pamper day to the clinic, with not much time commitment.

With the new Sofwave Precise, the “Precise” delivers the SUPERB™ technology using a compact applicator head that allows the specialist to accurately treat hard-to-reach areas in the face, specifically around the smaller curved areas of the eyes and mouth. 

Left to Right:
Charmaine Lagman (Sofwave Ambasador), Mr. Christopher Cachuela (Founder of Avignon Clinic), Benedict Sy (Co Founder of Avignon Clinic),
Wolfgang Kramer (Senior Vice President of Sofwave Asia-Pacific),
Cheryl Glazer(President and CEO of Spectrumed Inc.)

Because of the FDA-approved Precise Applicator’s ability to provide the exact temperature at the right time, it allows your skin to produce a wound-healing cascade in the body, to which, induces an increase in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, resulting in youthful and fuller-looking skin. While it champions anti-ageing benefits, the non-invasive treatment caters to all skin types and all ages, perfect for a quality time with your daughters too.


Avignon revealed the arrival of their latest skin treatment, Sofwave Precise, on May 14th at Uma Nota Manila. During the event that is celebrated with their honorable colleagues and personalities, the Singapore-based Wolf Kramer, who is the Senior Vice President of Sofwave Asia, talked us through with Avignon’s anticipated treatment and its benefits with their advanced technology.  After Wolf Kramer, was Dr. Christine Chio, Medical Operations of Avignon Clinic, who discussed the case studies done on the first few patients of the Sofwave Precise treatment.

Left to Right:
Ken De Guzman, MD (Aesthetic Physician of Avignon Clinic) Teddy Manuel
(Event Stylist), Christopher Cachuela (Founder of Avignon Clinic), Benedict Sy
(Co-Founder of Avignon Clinic), Tessa Prieto-Valdes (columnist and
philanthropist) Picky Tobiano (Avignon Clinic Ambassador), Faye Ramirez
(Executive Vice President of Travertine Longevity & Wellness), Mr. Michael Ruiz
(Event Stylist)
Wolfgang Kramer (Senior Vice President of Sofwave Asia-Pacific)
June Christine Chio, M.D (Medical Operations Manager of Avignon Clinic)

Several personalities were given the opportunity to share their positive feedback with the new treatment. Among them were Julie Anne San Jose, the face of Avignon Sofwave Precise; Charmaine Lagman, the first Sofwave brand ambassador; and Avignon’s ambassadors, Ces Drilon and Pinky Tobiano, who all gave details on their experiences with Sofwave Precise.

Julie Anne San Jose (Avignon Clinic Ambassador and Avignon Precise
Left to Right:
Ces Drilon (Avignon Clinic Ambassador), Pinky Tobiano (Avignon Clinic
Ambassador), Charmaine Lagman (Sofwave Ambasador)
Left to Right:
Benedict Sy (Co Founder of Avignon Clinic), Julie Anne San Jose (Avignon Clinic
Ambassador, Face of Avignon Sofwave Precise), Annette Gozon Valdes (Senior Vice President for Programming, Talent Management, Legal, Human Resources
Development, and Worldwide Group), Joy Marcelo (Vice President, GMA
Sparkle), Mr. Christopher Cachuela (Founder of Avignon Clinic)


Another launch was held during the late afternoon of April 22 at the Manila Private House. Avignon just launched the new Avignon Zaffiro, an age-defying treatment for those who wish to rejuvenate their skin and rediscover their youthful glow in a painless method.

With numerous attendees of key opinion leaders, influencers, and guests from the aesthetic science community, it was a significant occasion with a more intimate atmosphere that showcased the finest of Avignon. They first had Ms. Rachel Fergus, the Sales and Marketing Head of Device Technologies Australia, who took the stage to discuss about the details on the new Zaffiro, quickly followed by Dr. Christine Chio of Avignon Clinic who presented her findings regarding the dramatic changes in skin laxity.


If you feel like you are gaining more wrinkles and fine lines, and you’re noticing a loss of skin density from all the hustle and bustle, then the new Avignon Zaffiro is meant for you if you wish to tighten your skin and improve your skin texture for a beautiful glow that makes you look fresh and stress-free.

Factors like lack of sleep, stress, and harsh weather conditions can really bother you and your confidence with your skin, and these are also the reasons behind rapid-aging and pigmentation problems. But the Zaffiro treatment, thanks to Avignon’s advanced technology, is the first 2-in-1 advanced skin procedure that treats both of the skin concerns on aging and hyperpigmentation. Because of its innovation too, this is best for those who don’t want needles and cuts in their skin, ensuring a painless procedure from start to finish. 


During the launch event, it was revealed that Barbie Forteza is the main face for Avignon Zaffiro. She definitely lifted the atmosphere of the event with her captivating features and outstanding background in the entertainment industry, which makes her the right fit as the face of Avignon Zaffiro.


Avignon Clinic has successfully made their reputation in the skincare and beauty industry with their advanced and outstanding performance at recent award ceremonies held within Metro Manila. The brand has been recognized with numerous titles, because of their continuous excellence and successful Innovation over the years.

Recently, Avignon clinic was awarded in the 2024 Silk Awards during February 17, 2024, held at Shangri-La at the Fort, for their 2024 Center of Excellence for Ultra V Aesthetic Thread Lifting. The clinic has been recognized as the leading aesthetic thread supplier in the Philippines. Aside from this recognition, Dr. Aelred Deysolong Jr., who is one of the clinic’s doctors, was also awarded as one of the Top Doctor for Aesthetic Thread in the Philippines.


On March 8, 2024, Avignon Clinic was honored with three prestigious awards at the Bonifacio Hall of Shangri-La the Fort: the Blue Diamond Excellence Awards, the Sculptra Novel Award, and the Restylane Novel Award. Adding to their thrilling list of awards, Avignon also received the Partnership Award on April 17, 2024, at Raffles Fairmont Makati. This award is for their unwavering commitment to the Profhilo treatment since its launch in the Philippines.

At Avignon Clinic, clients like mothers and skincare enthusiasts alike are invited to experience the gold standard of beauty treatments through Sofwave Precise and Zaffiro. The two new advanced skin treatments are part of Avignon’s ongoing dedication to expand their reach in the skincare and beauty scene, Avignon’s unwavering commitment to excellence reflects on their dedication and passion for promoting a lifestyle that values confidence, empowerment, as well as inner strength. Discover how Avignon Clinic can help you rediscover and embrace your radiant beauty, as time goes on. Where technology and expertise converge to boost your confidence. 

To experience world-class treatments and services, visit Avignon’s BGC premiere clinic at 108 Ground Floor, Fort Victoria, 5th Avenue and 23rd St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (0917-6368732), Quezon City flagship clinic at 58 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City (0917-6566988) or Avignon Clinic Baguio – Ayala TechnoHub, Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay, Baguio City (0917-6253500).

About Avignon Clinic:

Avignon Clinic is a distinguished 5-star hotel-like aesthetic, dermatology, and wellness clinic committed to providing exceptional care and state-of-the-art treatments to boost clients’ confidence and success. As pioneers in the field, Avignon Clinic offers access to the latest in skincare technology and treatments.

Visit www.avignon.clinic and follow the clinic’s Instagram @AvignonClinic.

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