6 Best Baby Wash for Newborns

Babies have very sensitive skin so these are our tested and proven best baby wash and skin cleansers for newborns.

Newborn babies or infants, in general, have really sensitive skin. But it can get overwhelming as to what products our babies can use. We fuss over different brands—making sure their products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free, and more. So to make it easier, we chose six baby wash products that have been proven to work well and are dermatologically tested.

Baby Wash to Use for Infants

1. Cetaphil

baby wash

Cetaphil has always been a trusted brand for newborn babies or those with extremely sensitive skin. They have a line for baby skin known as Cetaphil Baby. They’re also highly recommended by dermatologists.

2. Lactacyd

baby wash

Lactacyd has a skin cleanser for babies known as the Lactacyd Baby Bath. It’s available in most drug stores and research was done to make sure it has the right pH—making sure it doesn’t dry up our babies’ skin. Moreover, Lactacyd keeps it smooth and supple.

3. Sacred

baby wash

Sacred Newborn Cleanser keeps it simple. No irritating fragrances to mask our baby’s naturally wonderful scent. It’s also free from any sulfates and parabens so it’s less prone to causing irritation or allergy attacks. Not only is it a baby wash—but it works as a shampoo, too.

4. Physiogel

Physiogel works well with or without water. Although not specifically made for babies, this sensitive skin cleanser works very well with them, too. Some parents even remarked how it doesn’t leave one’s skin oily or dry after use.

5. Aveeno

Aveeno has a pretty good track record for having organic products so it’s no surprise how they have one for babies. The Aveeno Baby line has shampoo, soap, and even lotions!

6. Tiny Buds

The last we heard about Tiny Buds PH, they created a storybook for our kids to read. However, more than the book, they have a variety of skincare as well! Ranging from remedies for colic to a moisturizing baby wash, Tiny Buds has a lot to offer.

We can be quite meticulous about our babies’ skin cleansers!

With good reason, too! Babies have a more sensitive immune system since their bodies are still learning about the world. And if ever they have an allergic reaction, one of the first ways we’ll know is through their skin. It’s why we can’t just go willy-nilly with their baby wash. But not to worry, a lot of these brands are available in your local supermarket!

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