Cait Chan Go of Love C Manila Shares What It’s Like Raising Triplets

First-time mom and founder of Love C Manila opened up to Modern Parenting about giving birth to triplets.

To give birth to just one baby in the middle of a pandemic already fills a first-time mom with anxiety. What more if it’s three? Love C Manila founder and new mom, Cait Chan Go, had different emotions from the time she and her husband, Nate, found out they were expecting triplets.

“We were in complete shock! When we had our first check-up, our OB-Gyn actually found four embryos. They were quadruplets. Sadly, one of our babies didn’t make it. His or her heartbeat stopped at seven weeks.”

Love C Manila: Her First Baby

Cait shares that Love C Manila will always be her first baby. She has been running the business for seven years now. In fact, her brand is the go-to of brides when it comes to affordable custom and ready-to-wear bridal and entourage gowns.

You can choose to order online or visit their physical store in Sonata Private Residences in Mandaluyong.

Her Strict Bed Rest

To prevent preterm labor since the babies showed signs of coming out already, Cait was confined in the hospital at 23 weeks. “In order to prolong my pregnancy, my OB-Gyn put me on strict bed rest without any bathroom privileges. Living on the bed is no fun. You learn to appreciate the simple things.”

Cait was put on strict bed rest

She adds, “I peed and pooped using a bedpan, used non-rinse shampoo and body wash to clean myself while lying down, and brushed my teeth on the bed. Everything was done on the bed.”

Inside the High-Risk Pregnancy Unit of the hospital where Cait was confined, visitors weren’t allowed due to COVID restrictions. “This made it even harder for me because I wasn’t able to see my family and friends. Even my husband wasn’t allowed to go home.”

Cait’s husband, Nate, with two of the triplets

Thanks to Dr. Eileen Manalo, who Cait believes is one of the best OB-Gyns in Metro Manila for high-risk pregnancies, her pregnancy was prolonged for two more months. “It was all worth it to see the triplets healthy,” Cait says.

The Go Triplets

Raising Triplets

Before the triplets arrived, Cait’s husband would joke that they wouldn’t stop trying until they had at least one son. But the Go Triplets, consisting of two girls and a boy, were everything that the new parents could hope for and more. While the sisters were named Naya Leighton and Nyla Peyton, the unico hijo‘s name, John Chadwick, has an endearing backstory. “I love BTS. I’m a huge ARMY, which is why our baby boy’s nickname is V,” Cait remarks with a laugh.

Nate and Cait

“As first-time parents, we didn’t have any knowledge and experience on what to do and how to take care of a baby (babies in our case). It was more challenging for us because they were premature and caring for underweight babies wasn’t easy. The triplets stayed in the NICU for one month. While they were there, the nurses gave us lessons and tips on how to take care of them. It gave us enough confidence to properly care for the three before they were brought home.”

It Takes a Village

Taking care of three babies is no easy feat and for Cait, building their team was the most important part of starting a routine. This thinking is perhaps influenced by the fact that both Nate and Cait are athletes. “We decided to move back in with my in-laws since we knew we needed a village to raise the three. Thankfully, they’ve been supportive throughout this whole journey with the triplets.”

For moms who are expecting multiples, Cait advises, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are already doing a great job carrying them inside your womb. Taking care of them once they’re outside is a different story. You need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared. Don’t feel guilty if you treat yourself once in a while. It’s not bad to look out for yourself, too. Being a happy mom is very important. Your babies will see and feel it when you are stressed and pressured. Just enjoy the process with them!”

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