Celebrity Halloween Costumes: These Families Dressed Up for Halloween 2021

We’re not yet over Halloween! Check out these celebrity halloween costumes.

Two years since the world stopped because of the pandemic, families are slowly going out and introducing to their kids Halloween again. Some even did trick or treats and dressed up in costumes. Our favorite Filipino celebrity families joined in the fun as they tried to give their children a “normal” Halloween celebration. Check out some of them in their Halloween garb!

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2021

Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia, and son Amari

Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Photo from Coleen Garcia’s Instagram

Singer Billy Crawford and his wife, actress Coleen Garcia dressed up as Misty and Ash from Pokemon. Their son Amari came as a cute Snorlax.

And in case you forgot, Pokemon has a special connection to Billy. He sang the Pokemon theme song for the 1999 movie.

Bianca Gonzalez, JC Intal, and kids

Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Photo from Bianca Gonzalez’s Instagram

Bianca Gonzalez and her family also got a chance to celebrate Halloween. Bianca and her daughters, Lucia and Carmen, dressed up as Disney princesses while JC Intal was Prince Charming.

Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati

Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Photo from Sarah Lahbati’s Instagram

Richard, Sarah along with their kids and Richard’s nephew, David, dressed up as characters from the popular British show, Peaky Blinders.

Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga, and Seve Soriano

Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Photo from Alex Gonzaga’s Instagram

The Gonzaga sisters channeled their 90s inner children, dressing up as Miss Minchin and Sarah from the hit cartoon, Sarah: Ang Munting Princesa.

Seve meanwhile dressed as another favorite 90s character – Cedie.

Divine Lee, Blake Go, and family

Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Photo from Divine Lee Instagram

Halloween without a doubt is a favorite day for Divine Lee and her family. This year, the Lee-Go family dressed up as popular characters from the hit game, Super Mario.

They also had another party this time as characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Photo from Divine Lee’s Instagram

KC Montero and family

Photo from KC Montero’s Instagram

TV host, KC Montero, and his family also joined in on the fun this year. The Lunch Out Loud host dressed up as Captain Hook while his wife, designer Stephanie Dods came as Tinkerbell.

Their son Wyatt was dressed up as Peter Pan.

Carlo Aquino and family

Photo from Carlo Aquino’s Facebook

Actor, Carlo Aquino, and his partner Trina Candaza also dressed up as characters from Peter Pan. Carlo dressed up as Peter while Trina was Wendy. Their daughter, Enola, came as Tinkerbell.

Janella Salvador and son Jude

Photo from Janella Salvador’s Instagram

Janella channeled her Cruella de Vil moment, dressing up as the popular villain from 101 Dalmatians. Jude, of course, was dressed up as a dalmatian puppy.

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla and family

Photo from Mariel Rodriguez’s Facebook

Mariel and her daughters not only celebrated Halloween once but twice. In their first celebration, they dressed up as characters from the Mother Goose Club. Their second Halloween celebration saw them later as characters from Paw Patrol.

Photo from Mariel Rodriguez’ Facebook

Yasmien Kurdi and family

Photo from Yasmien Kurdi’s Instagram

Las Hermanas star, Yasmien Kurdi, and her husband Rey Soldevilla had fun by dressing up as characters from the hit Korean show, Squid Games. Their daughter, Ayesha, was dressed up as the robot doll.

Sheena Halili and family

Photo from Sheen Halili’s Facebook

Sheena, her husband Jeron Manzanero, and daughter Martina dressed up as the beloved characters of Monsters Inc.

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