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5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

Who says pregnant women have to miss out on the Halloween fun?

With Halloween just a few days away, a lot of people have been seen posting on social media their fun and creative costumes. We’ve seen babies in adorable costumes, couples doing couple costumes, and families doing group costumes. However, let’s not forget all the pregnant moms who don’t want to miss out on the fun! Check out these last-minute Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women to do.

5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

1. Juno

halloween costume ideas for pregnant women
Photo Credit: Brittani N. Harrison

If you’ve seen Jason Reitman’s 2007 film, Juno, which follows the life and unplanned pregnancy of a witty teenager, then you’ll enjoy dressing up as her for Halloween! You just need a jacket, a yellow-striped shirt, a brown skirt, and denim jeans. Have your partner join in on the fun and make them dress up as Juno’s baby daddy, Paulie Bleeker.

2. Avocado

halloween costume ideas for pregnant women
Photo Credit: Nicki Entennman

What better way to make use of that cute belly bump than to make it look like an avocado seed? Just cut out an avocado shape with a hole for your belly from cardboard paper, color it green, and voila! Want to make it a couple costume? Have your partner dress up as toasted bread!

3. Fat Thor

Any Avengers fan will surely have a laugh at this! Our very own Managing Editor, Gretchen Gatan Fragada, who is a first-time pregnant mom, recently shared her costume on social media. She only needed to buy a fake beard from Shopee and borrowed a jacket and pants from her husband.

4. Winnie the Pooh

Photo Credit: Perla Giselle

How adorable would it be to dress up as everyone’s favorite sweet bear? You just need a red shirt and wear it over a yellow skirt, then make yellow ears out of cardboard paper. If you have the time, look for a brown pot and add honey drippings made out of yellow paper!

5. Devilled Egg

Photo Credit: Ashley Martin Artist

This creative costume for pregnant women is another easy ensemble to put together. With your belly as the yolk, all you need is a yellow shirt and a cardboard cutout of the egg white.

5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

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