Cha Cruz Behag Introduces Baby Laura Sabelle to the World

“She’s finally here! Laura Sabelle C. Behag 02.12.24. We love you so much Sab!” Volleyball player Cha Cruz Behag enthuses.

Cha Cruz Behag is a mom for the second time! On Thursday, February 15, the volleyball player shared photos of her daughter Laura Isabelle on social media. Laura, according to Cha was born last February 12.

“She’s finally here! Laura Sabelle C. Behag 02.12.24,” she writes. “We love you so much Sab!”

Aside from Laura, one of the photos shows their photo as a family of four with her, Laura, son Sol, and her husband Ray.

Source: chacruzbehag Instagram

Several of her friends including Rocco Nacino, Fille Cayetano, and Patch Magtanong-Cordoves gushed over the newborn and congratulated the family. It was in November 2023 when Cha confirmed she was expecting baby number 2.

Source: chacruzbehag Instagram

A dream come true for Cha

During her interview with Modern Parenting in 2021, Cha opened up about going through a miscarriage when she and Ray tried to have another child after their first-born Sol.

“It was really hard,” Cha admits. “It really had an effect on me. At some point, I grieved. There were so many realizations that Ray and I both learned. It’s still hard for me to talk about it actually. But I think the grieving part is so important because you need it. Grieve for as long as it takes. It’s important to reflect and pray as well. The Lord will help you get through it. And you will realize that yes, I’m going to trust in His plan. This is the best plan for me at the moment.”

And indeed it was a perfect time now that Cha Cruz-Behag’s baby Laura Sabelle had arrived. Congrats to Cha, Ray, and Sol!

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