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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Tita in Your Life

Thinking of giving your lovely tita a Christmas gift? Here are some ideas you can check for the holidays!

We all love the holiday season for parties, reunions, get-togethers, and opening Christmas gifts. But it can be challenging to get gifts for family members—most notably your second parents, the titas. And while giving her a gift can be a challenge, the gift will most definitely depend on her interests.

Here are some gift ideas to check out.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Titas

The Plant Tita

Some titas found themselves getting into gardening, farming, and planting their food. Why not give them gardening tools or some vegetable seedlings as gifts? For house decorations, vases are recommended so they can arrange the flowers they got from their garden.

Titas of Manila

The Titas of Manila have taken on many meanings—from wine-loving aunts to titas who do brunch in well-loved coffee shops. But when it comes to gift ideas, anything goes for them. One gift idea to consider is a gift certificate from her favorite spa. You may want also to give her essential oils, which can relax or soothe her nerves.

The Domestic Tita

The domestic tita is the housewife type. She will love anything that can help with chores around the house. A nice vacuum cleaner would be a good start, (hello, Dyson!) or if she’s tired, why not book a cleaning service to do it for her? Not only will she appreciate it, she. can relax while watching them.

Source: Dyson

On the other hand, a nice set of kitchenware is also a good gift option for your tita who loves to work her magic in the kitchen. After all, a nice pot or a new set of cookware definitely comes in handy!

The Platito Tita

The platito tita is the one who loves to decorate their home with beautiful things. They also love to entertain and take pride in their tablescaping skills.

So what do you give to a platito tita? A nice set of plates is a good start. You can also give her beautiful tablecloths and candle holders. Decors, after all, set the mood for entertaining guests.

The Tita on the Go

The tita on the go is the energetic and workaholic woman. She will not stop until she gets things done—from a workout in the gym to a yoga session, or heading to the office, this tita had boundless energy.

So what do you give a tita who is always up and about? A nice big backpack would be a nice option. The backpack comes in handy for her to dump her clothes, makeup, or yoga mat.

Or if the tita’s the athletic type who runs around the village, a good pair of headphones come in handy. Better yet, a tumbler is also an option. Simple but practical to use and bring around.

It’s all about remembering

Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts after all. The tita in the family will appreciate anything because, after all, these gifts remind her that people think of her as part of the family.

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