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Coleen Garcia and Amari Are Full of Support for Billy Crawford’s New Work

Billy Crawford is fully confirmed to be competing inDanse avec les stars(Dancing with the Stars).

Billy Crawford’s new work will soon take him to strut it on Paris’ dance floor as he accepts the invitation to compete in Danse avec les stars, which is French for Dancing with the Stars. Coleen Garcia recently posted a few photos of their trip to Paris which wasn’t just for picking up Billy from work. But it gave Amari a chance to experience a few of the gorgeous sights that Paris had to offer.

“Full Support for Daddy!”

Coleen Garcia posted a photo of her and Amari getting a tour from Billy throughout the area. They had fun times riding a Parisian carousel.

All the more when they finally saw France’s signature tourist spot: the Eiffel Tower.

Photo from Coleen Garcia IG

However, it was clear that Amari had the most fun in his daddy’s office: closing and opening doors.

Amari's favorite part of the trip is closing and opening doors

These small moments Billy spent with his family are what may fuel his passion and energy. Before the season started, Coleen already expressed her support through her Instagram. “SO EXCITED FOR YOU, MY LOVE! You are gonna do great, and we’ll be here for you every step of the way! Already so proud of you!”

Danse avec les stars is on its 12th season and will be starting on September 9, 2022.

The best cheerleader is one’s own partner

Nothing inspires a person more than their life partner especially when they support your endeavors. The international scene for dancing, especially in a place like France, is a heated one. May you tango, whisk, quickstep, and waltz your way to victory, Billy! And don’t forget to have fun. Coleen, Amari, and the rest of the country are rooting for you!

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