Coleen Garcia’s Joyous Return To Acting

Coleen Garcia shares how her being a mom made her more peculiar about her projects as she joins Adarna Gang.

After a 2 year hiatus, TV Host and Actress Coleen Garcia returns to the limelight via playing Adriana in the new movie, Adarna Gang. During the Pelikula Mania media conference, Coleen Garcia revealed that her late return was not only influenced by being a mom to Amari but also the pandemic. During the conference, she was welcomed back as it was her “first movie comeback” after so long.

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Her first role after so long: Adriana from Adarna Gang

Coleen didn’t want to spoil who Adriana was but, she hinted at what the character would be like. She shares, “Adriana has her own family and has gone through a lot. She’s also built up a lot of resentment over the years. These feelings will serve as one of the main driving forces of the story.”

She also reveals that during the promotion, she was already pregnant with Amari. When asked what it was like to return, Coleen admits that her being a mother made her more choosy about the roles.

“Back then, I wasn’t. But when I realized I was getting married and eventually going to be a mother, I had to be more choosy,” explains Coleen. “But I really missed acting. It’s why I came back. The time spent away from the limelight made me more excited to return back to work. I just love being part of really good stories. When I join a project, I want to make sure that I can give it my all.”

Learning from Scratch

During the conference, the cast also mentioned that Adarna Gang was the first movie they have ever done together. Coleen admits that she was a bit nervous at first upon joining. She admits, “At first, I was really intimidated. But I think it’s because I haven’t acted in a while either. Right now, all I really do remember is how to cook, change some diapers” — she laughs — “because of that, there are things I really forgot. Like, if the role or scene is emotional, I forgot how to be sad. I even forgot how to get angry at the scene! A lot of these things became fresh to me again.”

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From Mom To Working Mom

Some of us are hesitant to return to work because we’re not sure how much time has passed. Or, if we can keep up with the changes. But approaching it with Coleen Garcia’s attitude ought to be more encouraging for us. That even though we’ve been a stay-at-home for so long, it’s never too late to start working again. It may feel a little strange to be surrounded by more young bloods but, you know what they say — the more the merrier!

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