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Comfortable and Functional Baby Carriers for Parents and Babies

Some parents feel more secure with bringing their babies around in baby carriers and here are some comfortable and functional ones!

Wearing babies by using baby carriers hasn’t been typical since strollers came out. But there are some benefits to baby-wearing, as some like to call it. Besides giving them the front-row seat of watching us, moms and dads, interact with the world, they feel secure because they can feel our physical presence. Their bodies will also adjust to our bodies’ rhythms, reducing a lot of their discomfort.

Plus, it’s less stuff to drag around when going out if strollers are too much of a hassle to bring around. Here are some comfortable and functional baby carriers that parents can buy in the Philippines.

1. Ergobaby Omni™️ All-Position Carriers

To make sure the baby and parent don’t sweat during bonding and carrying time, the Ergobaby Omni™️ All-Position Carriers come with SoftFlex™️ Mesh (Omni™️ Breeze) to keep everybody cool and SoftTouch™️ Cotton seats to make sure everybody is comfortable throughout long trips in the theme park or the mall. It’s perfect for babies from 0 to 48 months, making sure it can accommodate toddlers who get tired.

Currently, there are two models available: The Ergobaby Omni Breeze and the Omni Dream.

Price: PHP 13,500.00
Available in Ergobaby PH, Shoppee, Lazada, Rustan’s, and Mothercare.

2. Ergobaby Embrace Carriers

The Ergobaby Embrace Carriers line of baby carriers assures parents that they can carry their newborn baby for extended periods. Built with an aerated pin-dot knit and soft air mesh, vented back panel, and padded head and neck support, parents won’t need to worry if their baby isn’t comfortable and lacks support while bringing them around. Carriers from this line support babies from 7 to 25 lbs.

Price: PHP 7,200.00
Available in Ergobaby PH, Shoppee, Lazada, Rustan’s, and Mothercare.

3. Infantino 4in1 Convertible Carrier

We love multi-purpose baby items and the Infantino 4in1 Convertible Carrier caters to infants to their toddler years. Unlike the other baby carriers, this one offers four different positions to make it comfortable for both parent and baby: inward-facing (narrow seat), inward-facing (wide seat), forward-facing, and backpack-like. And if the baby’s prone to drooling and spit-up, it comes with a bib cover too!

Price: ₱ 2,699.00
Available in BabyMama PH

4. Infantino Zip Travel Carrier

If not multi-purpose, we’d like a baby carrier that’s easy to store away. The Infantino Zip Travel Carrier does exactly that, coming with its pouch that we can strap on like a fanny pack to bring around. It’s perfect for parents who are always on the go but don’t like the obstruction a typical baby carrier poses with all those belts and straps.

Price: ₱ 2,399.00
Available in BabyMama PH

5. Chicco Hip Seat Ergonomic Baby Carrier for 0 Months to 15 kg

Sturdy and approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the Chicco Hip Seat Ergonomic Baby Carrier can handle babies from 0 Months and up to 15 kg. It boasts advanced technology in its simplified design to properly distribute the baby’s weight onto the parent’s body to reduce the risk of injury.

The solid base that comes with the baby carrier also serves as a fanny pack where parents can store their gadgets if necessary.

Price: ₱7,999.00
Available in Chicco PH

6. Baby Care Organic Baby Carrier – Pink

Unlike the first three, the Baby Care Organic Baby Carrier distributes the weight across the parent’s back to ease the discomfort. It also has a thick belt of over 20mm to make sure that the baby is well-secured while sitting on the sloping seat. The seat can tilt up to 30 degrees to soothe the baby if parents know they’ll be walking long. Its seat also is made from medical-grade silicone, so the baby doesn’t slip off.

Price: ₱1,940
Available in BabyMama PH

7. Apruva 4in1 Baby Soft Carrier

One of the cheaper alternatives, the Apruva 4in1 Baby Soft Carrier does boast more on comfort especially when moms need to nurse their baby. The baby carrier can hold up to 9 kg and has a wide seat for the baby to sit comfortably. It’s also made from a breathable fabric in case parents are the kind of people who sweat more than usual.

Price: ₱1,699.00
Available in BabyCompany PH

8. I-ANGEL Light Hipseat Carrier

Besides being more lightweight because of is made majority out of mesh, the I-ANGEL Light Hipseat Carrier also is water-resistant which helps if our baby is prone to spit-up, drooling, or spilling their milk. And if gets too dirty, the baby carrier is washing-machine friendly so long as parents remove the hard parts. The baby carrier even comes with teething pads in case our baby has itchy gums.

Price: ₱7,499.00
Available in Mothercare

Other benefits of using baby carriers for both parents and babies

Some studies have shown that baby carriers can help colicky babies calm down. Colic, unfortunately, is usually why babies get fussy but nobody knows what causes it. Carrying them around also prevents them from “Flat Head Syndrome” which is what babies get if they lie down for extended periods. But baby carriers also offer benefits to parents, helping both learn their babies’ personalities.

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