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Tinette Cortes on Profound Leadership and Empowering Single Parents

From international pursuits to helping the community, CONSULTASIA founder and CEO Tinette Cortes has made it her mission to lend a helping hand in both professional and personal aspects of life

Growing and learning never stops, whether we notice it or not. Along with the continuous progress of life is a vast horizon of opportunities waiting to be grasped—opportunities to thrive and consistently improve on, may it be career-wise or in your personal life. CONSULTASIA’S founder and CEO Tinette Cortes believes in the endless possibilities in seeking one’s full leadership potential. As the woman behind a global training group, Tinette not only strives for excellence in her professional life, but also leads by example in her journey through motherhood.

CONSULTASIA Founder and CEO Tinette Cortes

Going global

As an international speaker, personal development mentor, and training consultant, Tinette made it her mission to empower people into tapping into their potentiality. This led to the establishment of CONSULTASIA, a training and development consulting group that specializes in leadership, business, sales, and life coaching. Delivering world-class training, the company also offers the flexibility professionals or parents alike seek for with their workshops being both available for online and face-to-face sessions. 

International companies in various industries such as hospitality, tourism, retail, real estate, oil and gas, direct sales, banking, legal, manufacturing and service sectors across four different continents have closely collaborated with CONSULTASIA. Thanks to their people development and business enhancement programs, the training and consulting group is perfectly poised to help numerous businesses and organizations take the next step to improvement.

CONSULTASIA Founder and CEO Tinette Cortes' graduation in Oxford
Tinette also holds a Masters Level Executive Diploma in Global Business from University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School in the United Kingdom.

A peek into the life of a leader

Being in charge of an international company is not a simple undertaking. However, Tinette did not let this stop her into becoming a dedicated and headstrong single mother. Piai, her 20-year-old daughter, has experienced firsthand her mother’s devotion to raising her, along with the continuous rise of the company.

“From the very beginning, it was just [my mom and I], facing each day together. I was raised by a woman who embodies love, care, and strength, someone I proudly call a ‘girl boss.’ Her life story is a testament to hard work, taking risks, and giving her all. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing; there have been ups and downs, relationships, heartbreaks, and obstacles. Yet, she’s surprised me time and time again by overcoming it all. She has weathered pain, trials, and challenges that many women can relate to,” Piai, proudly shares. 

CONSULTASIA founder and CEO Tinette Cortes with daughter Piai

Since the foundation of CONSULTASIA in 2010, Tinette has weathered many challenges, and her daughter had witnessed her sheer determination and resilience that proved to be unwavering. Not only is this CEO committed to helping people and organizations reach their best, but she also makes it a point to give back. Tinette has been active in supporting various charitable institutions. Additionally, later this year, Tinette will be publishing her book SOLO, yet SOLOved all about the life-changing decisions she has made in being a single mother. Through this, she remains true to her personal mission of educating and empowering the less privileged single parents and children in order to live better lives. 

For more information about CONSULTASIA, you may visit their website. You can also order her book SOLO, yet SOLOved by checking out Tinette’s website. Want to know more about the ins and outs of business? You can check this out.

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