Content Creator Benedict Cua is Now a Dad!

Benedict Cua posted photos of his son Aleck on Monday, who is nicknamed Xiao Long Bao.

Content creator Benedict Cua is a dad! On Monday, May 27, he posted photos of his son Aleck.

“Aleck, my son. The love of my life. No words can explain this overwhelming love that I feel as I cradle you in my arms,” he wrote on Instagram. ” My beautiful warrior, you fill me with awe and excitement. I promise to be your home and your protection. To nurture you with infinite love, the same love you’ve already shown me from the moment you took your very first breath.”

In a vlog, Benedict gave an update on life as a new dad. “I just want to say that I’ve had the best two months of my life. Daming nangyari, hindi ko alam saan magsisimula…gusto ko ma-immortalize every moment I have with him.”

He also shared that he calls Aleck Xiao Long Bao or Bao-Bao, saying that xiao means small, long is a dragon, and bao means treasure. “Before he was even born, I already felt an insane amount of love towards him,” he adds.

He also said that one of his priorities for the year is to be a good father and he’ll do his best to be present in every moment of his life.

Who is Benedict Cua?

For those who don’t know, Benedict Cua is a popular content creator with a following of 1.75 million on YouTube. He also worked with several brands as an endorser or partner.

Aside from being a popular content creator, Benedict also has a small business called Naked Collagen.

Congratulations to Benedict!

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