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Why Crochet Flower Bouquets Are Trending for Valentine’s Day Gifts

With crocheting becoming popular again as a hobby, crochet flower bouquets recently began to trend. Some professionals have even turned their love for crochet into a business, progressing from simple patterns like balls, hearts, and mats to more complex pieces like doilies, coasters, stuffed toys, and even clothes! Although simple in pattern, crochet flowers can become a heartfelt gift too!

Neutral colored crochet flowers for bouquets!
Source: Instagram

1. Crochet flower bouquets are easier to maintain!

Unlike real flowers that need water and sunlight, crochet flower bouquets just need a place where it isn’t too dusty. The best part is, they’re washable. With a little washing, the bouquets can be restored to their former color to constantly remind us of the giver’s love.

2. They’re more heartfelt as a gift.

Crochet flower bouquets are not usually bought on hand. They take time to make! A lot of small businesses, although they have some pre-set arrangements, crocheting it ourselves makes the gift more sincere. Depending even on the flowers, these bouquets can symbolize either friendship or romantic love.

3. They can decorate almost any room in the house.

Fresh and dry flowers may have bright colors but they don’t look that way for very long. When someone crochets these bouquets, there’s more control over the color we want for a coffee table or dining table centerpiece since we can choose the material. There are a lot of stores that sell crochet yarn such as Gantsilyo Guru Selections, I Love Yarn PH, and The Attic Yarn and Craftery.

4. It might inspire us to take up a hobby too!

After looking at the vibrant creation for a while, it might inspire us to take crocheting on as a hobby. The best part is, it’s not so expensive to start. Most crochet artists agree that the biggest expense in crochet is the yarn but there are ways to save on that too. Especially if you develop a store and build an account with them, you’ll discover the tricks of the trade to make crochet more fun.

Celebrity mom Sunshine Cruz has made crocheting a hobby and the tops she makes are simply too chic and adorable to ignore!

5. There are a lot of sources to teach us how to crochet these flower bouquets.

Patterns and instructional videos on how to crochet are not hard to find when there’s YouTube. Some cafés even host these little artist’s workshops in case we need some on-hand instruction. The best part is, we’ll meet a lot of people during these classes. Although it might feel a little awkward at first since a lot of them are younger than us, remember that we’re all starting from the same place regardless of age.

A fully blooming crochet flower bouquet for Valentine's Day!
Source: Instagram

Where can we find these crochet flower bouquets?

Unfortunately, it usually takes a week or two (or depending on the one crocheting) to create these crochet flower bouquets so it’s a must to pre-order before the rush. Some stores like Crochet Corner PH, Loops Lab PH, and Crochet by Phil accept orders and commissions. But the best part of these bouquets is that we can always get them in our partner’s favorite color so long as the yarn is available!

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