Duke Frasco and Christina Garcia Frasco: Home for the Holidays

Even with their busy lives as public servants, Christmas and the holidays are a non-negotiable family affair for Congressman Duke Frasco and Department of Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco.

Cong. Duke Frasco and Christina Garcia Frasco. Dress by Rosanna Ocampo Rodriguez

Hon. Duke Frasco, the Deputy Speaker and 5th District Representative of Cebu, and Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco are foremost known for their roles as public figures. But they too are parents who make the holidays a non-negotiable family affair—thus showcasing how quality time can be a love language.

Despite their calendars packed with meetings and urgent things to do, they set their priorities to ensure proper time management. Even taking a much-deserved and much-needed trip to return to their home in Cebu helps them accomplish that!

Because for them, a Frasco family Christmas is one where they are both fully present to spend time with their children.

From L to R: Liam, Christina Frasco, Xavier, Duke Frasco, Sophia, and Franco

Building the Frasco Family Christmas Traditions

While gifts always make the holidays fun, the presence of family and loved ones is far more important—no matter how big or small the reunion is. Duke recalls his Christmases being spent in California with a simple dinner and an exchange of gifts.

“The holidays were special because my father, the late Panphil Frasco, who was based in Cebu, would visit,” Duke says. “He was Mayor of Liloan and he would visit us and take us to Las Vegas for a few days to welcome the New Year.”

On the other hand, Christina’s Christmas celebration was characterized by a huge family reunion in her late grandparents’—former Governor Pablo Garcia and retired Judge Esperanza Garcia—house. And this meant a lot of gifts. The kids would be the happiest, as she says.

“It was extra meaningful for me, even though I only received one gift since Christmas Day is also my birthday!” she enthuses.

With their marriage in 2009, Duke and Christina Frasco combined their experiences and built their own family tradition: The Pasko sa Kabataan. “Our Frasco Christmas is not complete without this. In Liloan, Cebu, we hold a Christmas party and give gifts to over a thousand children and orphans annually. [We] have been doing this for the last 14 years.”

It’s a celebration that their kids even join in! As Christina says, it’s to teach them to share their blessings. “Christmas is about appreciating family, remembering the joy and hope of our Savior’s birth, and sharing your blessings with others,” she explains.

Behind the Scenes of Their Wholesome Holidays

However, getting the whole family on board with holiday practices doesn’t happen overnight—especially with kids ranging from 11 to 2 years old. What’s more, with their packed schedules as public servants, Duke and Christina Frasco admit that there are always challenges and trials along with moments of joy and fulfillment as parents.

But through it all, they always try to instill in their kids the importance of hard work, the value of character and integrity, and the necessity of always being respectful, kind, helpful, and being of service to others.

While being as organized as possible in terms of daily schedules, tasks, timelines, and deliverables in both their homes and offices has been helpful, they reveal that the key lies in their willingness to help one another be present for the kids—particularly when they’re instilling discipline and values, and creating a consistent and constant environment.

“When we uprooted our kids from their school and home in Cebu to Manila this year, keeping our bond as a family and establishing a sense of stability has been most important to us,” Christina explains.

Duke adds, “While we devote so much of our time and energy to fulfilling our respective duties, we do try to set specific times wherein we try to be fully present for our children on Sundays, whether it be doing a family activity together like board games, doing art together, watching a movie at home, cooking meals or going swimming, or on long holidays, taking a trip together.”

The Best Gift They’d Give One Another This Christmas

Ultimately, the shine of this Christmas season for Congressman Duke Frasco and DOT Secretary Christina Frasco doesn’t just come from the quality time they spend together with family, whether it is through Christmas shopping, gift-giving, or decorating their Christmas tree.

It’s also from taking the core of their perspective as parents while letting the kids actively participate in making it home for the holidays.

“We also try to be open with them in terms of hearing out their opinions, processing their emotions, respecting their individuality, and maintaining a relationship that values communication in a loving and joyful home. We emphasize being there for each other as we try to make a home environment where they can thrive,” adds Christina.

One thing is also sure—Duke and Christina Frasco find solace and happiness in the simple pleasures of the season, creating cherished memories with their children that will linger long after the decorations are packed away.


Photography KIM SANTOS from KILQ, INC.



Shoot Coordination ANTHONY MENDOZA



Shot on location at SHANGRI-LA AT THE FORT

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