Make Your Kids Eager for Easter

Create new Easter traditions this year with 6 fun activities that the young ones can take part in

Returning to stringent lockdown measures, celebrating Easter this year will push your creative limits as parents. Luckily for you, we rounded up six exciting Easter-themed activities that are fun and enjoyable for both parents and children. With a couple of weeks left to plan and prepare for Easter, you’ll have a lot of time to ensure your children get their most thrilling Easter celebration yet.

Easter activities for the whole family

1. E is for the Easter Story

Of course, essential to the experience is a narration of why we celebrate Easter. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a story of Christ defeating death, paying the price of his life for humanity’s salvation, and us honoring his sacrifice with penance. On the non-religious aspect of the festivities, it also commemorates spring and rebirth. Hence, the emergence of popular symbolisms such as flowers, eggs, and bunnies. Which brings us to the most popular Easter tradition…

2. A is for Art Activities

While dyeing eggs could be fun, painting eggs are much easier and more child-friendly too. Before you bring out the paints, make sure you buy the right kind: your best bets are acrylic, watercolor, puff paint, and even spray paint. Make sure you cover the table with disposable paper or paper towels to prevent mess. If you’re feeling super-creative, bring out glue and glitter, and even scissors, paper, and tape to make other shapes and figures. Don’t forget to cook your eggs first before painting! What comes after is…

3. S is for a Scavenger Hunt

After decorating the eggs, ask your children to stay in their rooms, as you prepare the next fun activity. Make sure to put the eggs in places within reach and are accessible to the youngest child participating. Avoid placing anything in the kitchen or areas with a lot of breakables. We advise using the garden. Aside from awarding the child with the most eggs collected, add a challenge by hiding a special-colored egg which equates to a different prize. This way, there’ll be more chances of winning.

4. T is for Traditional Easter Food

When we think of foods related to Easter, we immediately think of Easter candy. An easy kitchen activity is making Easter bunnies or Easter eggs made from chocolate using molds. Have them decorate these delectable pieces with edible paints and glitters. You can even put fillings inside. Another quintessential item in Easter cuisine is hot cross buns. This lenten offering is filled with spices or fruits such as currants, raisins, or candied citrus. And to signify the season, a cross can either be etched on the dough or drawn with icing.

5. E is for the Easter Bunny

If Christmas has Santa Claus, Easter has the Easter Bunny (or in other countries, the Easter Hare). What good way to introduce them to the famed long-eared character than by imitating a Christmas tradition. Instead of Christmas stockings, replace them with Easter baskets which you can decorate together to “entice the Easter Bunny (also known as mom or dad)” into putting some Easter candy. Make sure to leave treats for the Easter Bunny—carrots (or even carrot cake) and milk will do the trick!

6. R is for Rewatching Easter-Themed Flicks

Of course, some kids are too young to watch The Passion of Christ. Opt for kid-friendly films. Bambi is a beautifully made film that not only is filled with Easter symbolisms but is also a good introduction to the meanings of life and death. The Rise of the Guardians is also a fun animated flick that has the Easter Bunny (in addition to the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and Jack Frost) saving the day. Are you looking for a throwback? It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is a quick 25-minute watch featuring Charles M. Schultz’s beloved characters and the meaning of Easter.

To ensure our children’s safety, avoid going to parties this year, and make intimate ones at home by starting new Easter traditions. The best way you can teach your children about the gift of life is by teaching them the value of keeping everyone safe, whether you are celebrating big or not. Have a happy and safe Easter, everyone!

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