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The Eddie Garcia Bill: Why It’s Important to Know

On February 19, the Senate approved on third and final reading of the Eddie Garcia Bill, which will protect and support movie workers from poor working conditions.

Families whose members work in the entertainment industry have something to be happy about. On February 19, the Senate approved the third and final reading of the Eddie Garcia Bill. This allows for extra protection and support for people who work in the film and television industry. Moreover, it covers compensation for on-site accidents, among others.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada, one of the co-authors of the bill said that it’s a big step forward for movie workers. “This measure is the Senate’s recognition of the immense talent, dedication, and contribution not just of Filipino artists, but also those behind the camera who put their heart and soul to come up with material for the movie and television industry.”

Sila ‘yung mga walang mukha, at madalas, sa end credits lang natin makikita ang kanilang mga pangalan at katungkulan,” Estrada said.

Several personalities were in attendance to witness the passing of this bill, including couple Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, and Iza Calzado.

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What will the bill include?

The Eddie Garcia Bill includes an implementation of proper work hours, wages, and other wage-related benefits. This includes SSS and welfare benefits, among others.

Once the senators signs the bill, there will be a tripartite council for both the movie and TV industry. This council is comprised of people from the movie and TV industry, as well as representatives from the government.

The Senate version of the Eddie Garcia Bill comes after the House of Representatives approved the same bill last February 6. “It would ensure that they continue to have gainful employment and protect them against abuse, harassment, dangerous working environment, and exploitation,” House Speaker Martin Romualdez said.

The bill was named after the late actor Eddie Garcia. He unfortunately died in an accident while shooting a teleserye in 2019.

Why the bill is important

Many of the entertainment industry workers are often contractual workers, who rarely get full benefits. After all, the bill aims to compensate movie workers, who have constantly been at the mercy of late and unpaid hours.

But with the Eddie Garcia bill one step closer to becoming a law, there is a big chance that they will not only get proper compensation but also the protection they’ve been pushing for, especially with doing high-risk stunt work. And this could immensely help them and their respective families.

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