Some Fine Entertaining Must-Haves Every Modern Homemaker Will Love

These modern homemakers’ must-haves show off their flair for taste and culture the next time guests come over.

When we think of homemaking, it’s hardly a surprise when we conjure usual images of wives
doing the cooking, cleaning, and childcare — essentially keeping the household’s domestic affairs in order. That has changed over the years. For one, more men have embraced the stay-at-home-dad lifestyle, shifting the once-prevalent narrative of women-only homemakers.

The concept of homemaking has also evolved from maintaining the status quo to turning one’s home into an extension of oneself. Instead of simply keeping with tradition, the modern homemaker assumes the position of host or hostess: entertaining those who visit their abode while being arbiters of their
brand of taste and culture. For the modern homemaker, finding pieces that speak to them matter as much as keeping their home in tip-top shape. This selection of brands caters to their varied needs, whether it’s bedroom linens or show-stopping living room pieces.



For the conscious modern parent and homemaker, finding pieces that suit your tastes while being good for the environment can be a tricky endeavor. Aside from the meticulously-made woven goods, you could find in your local farmer’s market, searching for brands that offer a variety of eco-friendly choices can be a hit or miss. Domesticity then serves as a treasure trove for homemakers looking for chic, rustic pieces that are also environmentally friendly. Whether it’s the unique accents of their Magdalena Mosquito Coil Holder or the simple flourishes of their woven doormats, these pieces are sure to catch your guests’ eyes.

What draws us to Domesticity’s catalog of goods is how organic each piece feels. The Marilyn Botanical Resin Floor Lamp weaves itself seamlessly amid a sea of moss-covered brick, the bamboo planters against the lush greens and browns of your garden. It’s almost like each creation is made to blend with the surroundings while standing strong on its own.

The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree

While there’s nothing quite like a well-curated den or living room, the dining table and bedroom remain the coziest parts of the home. Making them pop is relatively easy—just highlight what makes them the
darlings of the house. For the dinner table, that might mean dishes and linens that provide a blank canvas for your drinks and domestic concoctions. As for the bedroom, it’s the promise of a good night’s sleep and a pleasant morning after.

That’s one of the things we, modern homemakers, love about the Olive Tree’s collection of “fine linens and curious prints,” as the website boasts. Whether it’s their crisp, monogrammed linen shams and kitchenware or their bold, experimental pieces (some favorites include their Portrait of a Good Meal That Never Ended and Patong Patong Bolso collections), each piece contains the perfect blend of ease and whimsicality.

Yet the treasures of The Olive Tree don’t end there. Browse through their catalog of products or collections and you’ll find eye-catching pieces that’ll make you scramble for the “Add to Cart” button. Better yet, its site helps you sort and choose by segmenting its products into your usual homemaking
signatures, so you can simply find pieces that complement your current setup.

Fair warning, however: once you start scrolling through The Olive Tree, you might not want to stop.

My Happy Home

My Happy Home

One of the unspoken marks of a good host or hostess and homemaker lies in their ability to craft a memorable dinner spread. The hallmarks of such often permeate the senses: the cozy ambiance, the feast for the eyes, and the wafting scent of delicious meals. A truly tenured host knows how to weave each aspect seamlessly, peppered with a dash of good conversation.

Perfecting that blend is no easy feat. Aside from providing the perfect menu, you also want
to make sure that everything looks good. This is why these pieces from My Happy Home (from Modern Parenting regular, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu) win all our praises. Whether you’re going for a rustic or
elegant spread, My Happy Home provides kitchenware and accessories for all your entertaining needs. Who wouldn’t fawn over the delicate sophistication of their Glass Collection? Or the warm familiarity
of their hand-painted dishes?

Depending on your style preferences, there’s something that’s bound to catch your eye. If you’re looking for a quick way to wow your guests come dinner time, treat yourself to a piece or two. It might be
the push you need to elevate your simple handaan into a full-on banquet.

Lanai Manila

Lanai Manila

Sophistication is the name of the game when it comes to Lanai Manila’s pieces. Take for instance their signature EE Candle sets, with their sleek, almost thorn-like metal candles suspended like a pendulum. Or their glass buckets, ornately cut into irregular shapes. Lanai Manila could very well be synonymous with easy elegance. Depending on your preferences, Lanai’s catalog ranges from old[1]world glamor to modern chic. Even when used sparingly, their pieces aren’t hard to miss, making them perfect highlights to already well-put interiors.

The key, then, is knowing how you want to incorporate these pieces. Homemakers with more vintage inclinations might appreciate the old-fashioned charm of their gold, copper, and silver pieces—their candleholders, in particular, harken back to earlier centuries. On the other hand, those who prefer to update their home with a more contemporary style can indulge in their other offerings, like their ceramic and leather offerings.

This article first came out in Modern Parenting’s 2022 print edition.

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