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Creativity Flourishes Among Gen Z Kids Amid Quarantine

Rustan’s shares the stories of these six Gen Z-ers, who have been coping positively with the “new normal” through self-discovery, passion projects, and skill-building endeavors. 

Despite mandated limitations on movement, these youngsters continue to learn, express, and pursue passions to remain productive and optimistic. It is essential, therefore, to invest in nurturing our children’s interests. After all, the confinement affords the young ones unparalleled time for discovery, learning, and exploration of talents and potential –all essential for their bright post-pandemic future.

The Budding Cooks and Bakers

One of the most popular hobbies among the youth today is baking and cooking. During this time of pandemic, some kids have even taken the next step by starting their own businesses.

Ten-year-old Mackenzie Huang shares, “I’ve been baking a lot. I started with cupcakes, then added cookies. Now I’m experimenting with cakes. I even started my own baking business.”

Creativity Flourishes Among Gen Z Kids Amid Quarantine - MacKenzie and Cameron Huang
MacKenzie and Cameron Huang

MacKenzie’s sibling, six-year-old Cameron Huang, shares his budding passion for baking like his sister and has learned a few other things over the quarantine, “I’ve been helping my sister with her baking business. I also mastered chopsticks and learned how to tie my shoes!”

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Another baker in the making is 16-year-old Mischka Tiangco. She muses, “I was able to dedicate my time to baking and opening a business from home. I also joined an online summer program in Columbia where I took up psychology.” Baking + business + online classes? Talk about time management and productivity! 

Creativity Flourishes Among Gen Z Kids Amid Quarantine - Mischka Tiangco
Mischka Tiangco

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The Fitness Enthusiasts

Creativity Flourishes Among Gen Z Kids Amid Quarantine - Taty Lopez
Taty Lopez

Aside from baking, these energetic youngsters love staying active in their home gyms too! Taty Lopez, 13, shares, “I miss seeing my friends and my family members like everyone else, but I also miss going out of my own home. I miss going out to shop, eat, do gymnastics, and performing with my cheerleading teammates. But eventually, I was able to adapt to this new environment. I like to keep myself active from all the food we have been cooking up.” 

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The Digital Creatives

Did you know that Gen Z is the most digitally adept generation? Kids in this generation grow up in a social environment where almost everything is accessible by phone has trained them to express themselves confidently via online platforms. Irijah De Leon, 19, found opportunities to use his talent professionally.

Creativity Flourishes Among Gen Z Kids Amid Quarantine - Irijah De Leon
Irijah De Leon

I love working in the video medium, like shooting videos and writing scripts but I never truly liked editing the footage I shot. I used to see it as a means to an end but now after joining multiple organizations during quarantine, I’ve edited more than I ever have before. I honestly lost count of how many editing tutorials I’ve watched to get better at it. I’ve even been hired professionally by colleges, business organizations, and budding entrepreneurs to make advertisements, all from the comfort of my home!” Irijah shares. 

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Bella Tantoco

Aside from studying and playing the iPad, Bella Tantoco keeps herself busy by building and conceptualizing gameplays with other users on Roblox. 

As the youth adapts to online learning, a good pair of headphones from Sony will help them focus and get rid of background noise around the house. Solving puzzles and sketching are good complementary activities for the young ones. 

While the younger generation awaits for life to return to (new) normal, it is every parent or guardian’s responsibility to keep the youth’s inner spark alive. One way is by providing the necessary materials needed to inspire, motivate, and teach.

Now is a crucial time to be present in their lives and to build stronger family relations. The youth notice the little things. By supporting their new hobbies and interests, it is inevitable to form a stronger bond. Invest in the younger generation and look forward to their bright future.

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