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Georgia Schulze del Rosario: It Runs In The Family

For girl mom Georgia Schulze del Rosario, fashion is all about showing off your personality to the world. This is something that she wants her daughters to embody in the clothes they wear.

This story first came out in Modern Parenting’s 2022 print edition.

Besides being a children’s book author, baker, influencer, and model, Georgia Schulze-del Rosario is the ultimate girl mom. She definitely knows a thing or two about fashion. In fact, designer friends have created dresses and even a ruffled pink bikini after her. She worked closely with Filipino designer Ivarluski Aseron to create her wedding dress. It’s a piece of clothing she hopes will be kept for future generations. And it seems like this penchant for style and expression through clothes has been passed down to her four daughters.

Georgia Schulze del Rosario with her daughter

Georgia Schulze del Rosario is the Ultimate Girl Mom

Georgia speaks fondly of her children, whom she says have very distinct elements to their individual style. Her eldest daughter, Nadia, is 18 and has the confidence to play around with more mature looks. While her casual look consists of low-waist jeans, a crop top, and rubber shoes, she can immediately switch it up to more form-fitting pieces for formal events. Georgia refers to Nadia as her little flower child who draws inspiration from the ‘70s and one of that decade’s style icons, Cher.

Although Sonia may have a sportier personality, Georgia considers her second daughter to be the most fashion-forward of the brood. Even at a young age, she knows how to put together looks and can show off a classic and elegant style that’s also fresh and youthful.

Georgia’s third daughter, Katia, shares the same ultra-feminine style as her. A typical girly-girl, Katia loves looking pretty in dresses and sandals that add a bit
of height. She loves playing with colors, and mixing up accessories like purses and earrings.

The youngest in the bunch is 6-year-old Irina, who already dreams of studying in Paris one day. She loves art and even fancies herself a painter. She dresses like Georgia and even insists on wearing matching outfits.

A Variety of Styles

Despite the variety of styles among Georgia’s daughters, there are certainly overlaps. This means sharing of clothes is also the norm in the Schulze-del Rosario household. For Georgia Schulze del Rosario, one of the most fun parts about being a girl mom is when her kids ask to borrow a piece of clothing from her closet. It’s her chance to play dress up, bond with them, and share a few tips that she’s learned through the years.

Georgia Schulze del Rosario's Daughters

One such advice? “Definitely [to] dress for yourself,” Georgia shares. She believes that beyond the trends, fashion should also showcase a semblance of who you are. And that you should feel confident in your own skin, whatever clothing you wear. The mom of four takes this lesson to heart and leads by example by having fit and personal preference taking precedence over whatever is currently trendy. For instance, she can’t get on board the oversized trend, which is quite popular these days. She thinks it isn’t flattering to go out in public in big sweaters. These are best for cozy days at home.

Another piece of advice she shares is to invest in a well-fitted pair of jeans that will last a lifetime. This, Georgia says, is one piece of clothing that’s a great first purchase using your own money without breaking the bank. This ties in with what Georgia would like to teach her daughters. “Style is so important. But being financially responsible is a bigger lesson to impart,” she shares. Georgia adds that anyone can look great with any budget. As long as they know who they are and have confidence.

Georgia believes communication is key for parents navigating fashion and style with their children. You can talk to them about the latest trends, and guide them on choosing what to wear and how they present themselves to the world.

One example Georgia reveals is the next-to-naked look that Hollywood celebrities wear on the red carpet these days. Georgia and her kids agree that it’s a lazy way to make an entrance as, “Sheer can be done elegantly without looking vulgar.”

Georgia Schulze del Rosario's Daughters

“So as your children begin to form their own identity and sense of style, it’s okay if you share your suggestions, too. But don’t do it forcefully,” the girl mom says. “I think if you say something in a way that can be understood rather than expected, it helps carry your point across in a more effective way,” Georgia shares. “This comes in handy when your girls express interest in something that’s more mature for their age. Whether that’s wearing heels or a darker shade of lipstick. If you’re not onboard with that styling choice, then be open about it to your child.”

That said, Georgia still makes style recommendations to her daughters, even her older ones. Some are taken into consideration, while others ultimately go with their gut feeling. “In the end, the most important [thing] is how they feel when they look in the mirror,” she says.

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