GMA’s Adaptation of Voltes V: Legacy Is Coming This 2022

Let’s Volt In! GMA just released a featurette of the nostalgic live-adaption of Voltes V.

After its teasers in 2020 and 2021, GMA gave a peek at the much-awaited Filipino live-action adaptation of Voltes V: Legacy.

On New Year’s Eve, GMA featured the two-minute featurette during their New Year’s Eve Countdown. The featurette showed the animation, set design, and costumes worn by its cast members.

Screenshot from GMA Network YouTube
Members of the Voltes V team
Screenshot from GMA Network YouTube

The featurette also gave its first look at other cast members including Martin del Rosario as the Boazanian Prince Zardoz and Albert Martinez as Dr. Smith, the Voltes team’s mentor and one of the people behind the creation of the robot.

Screenshot from GMA Network YouTube
Voltes V
Screenshot from GMA Network YouTube

Voltes V and it’s impact on Philippine Pop Culture

Voltes V first aired in the Philippines in the late ’70s and ’80. Unfortunately, late President Ferdinand Marcos banned the show due to its alleged violence. After the 1986 People Power Revolution, the show returned with its dub in both English and Filipino.

The show has made an impact on pop culture in various countries including the Philippines. In 2020, GMA posted its first teaser, which got the previous and current generations of viewers curious about its adaptation.

In February 2021, the network announced its cast of characters. Miguel Tanfelix, who started his career as a child actor was announced in playing the role of Steve Armstrong, the group’s main leader and the older brother of the Armstrong brothers. Actress Ysabel Ortega was cast as Jamie Robinson, the only female member of the group while Radson Flores, Matt Lozano, and Raphael Laudicho were cast as Mark Gordon, Big Bert Armstrong, and Little Jon.

There’s no specific date when it’ll air but Director Mark Reyes is making sure it stays part of the network’s 2022 line-up of shows.

For sure, today’s kids and their parents who watched the show are very eager to see how the Filipino adaptation will be as close as to the original show they grew up with.

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