Gordon Ramsay Welcomes His 6th Child On His Birthday!

World-famous restauranteur and chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes his 6th child!

The renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay is a man of many hats. Not only does he have several restaurants under his name but has a number of series to judge and host. Alongside running the beloved Hell Kitchen series, and the Masterchef series — both America and Junior — he’s now also a dad to six wonderful kids! On his 57th birthday, he and his wife, Tana Ramsay, welcomed their 6th child.

“What a wonderful birthday present!” he exclaims. “[Please] welcome Jesse James Ramsay!”

Gordon Ramsay's wife and son
Source: gordongram Instagram

The Dad Behind the Masterchef

Although Chef Gordon Ramsay made a name for himself as a head chef who runs a tight ship in Hell’s Kitchen, his personality as a dad is far from it! It’s the same persona he has for Masterchef Junior when he often supports the aspiring little chefs, even joining them as they pray to the “god of soufflés” or gently reminding them not to burn down the kitchen when they accidentally trigger a flambé.

He is as dynamic as he is in the kitchen at home. Described to be a bit of a “softie”, Gordon Ramsay, along with his wife, Tana, both share a love for food with their kids such as Matilda Ramsay (also affectionately known as Tilly) who also followed her father’s footsteps in cooking, Holly Anna who became a model, director and producer Megan, and the two brothers: Jack Scott Ramsay who enjoys the outdoors with dirt bike riding, and Oscar, who’s still enjoying his childhood.

Gordon Ramsay has also been collaborating with other personalities like viral comedian Nigel Ng who the internet knows as “Uncle Roger”.

What’s next for the culinary giant?

Besides completing his family, it appears there’s more in store for Gordon Ramsay. In 2024, the culinary giant is set to open a restaurant in the Philippines at Newport Resorts World known as Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill where it’ll feature many of his iconic dishes. That includes his famous Beef Wellington which we all know is a definite Christmas must-have next year! It looks like he’s all set to start the year 2024 strong.

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