Green Finds for Eco-Conscious Moms

SM Retail’s green initiative, SM Green Finds, puts the focus on helping moms achieve greener lifestyles. 

As we honor mothers this month, we can revisit the many ways we can help eco-conscious moms lead lives that are kinder to the environment. From products that use only sustainable raw materials to products that are safe for our babies, these sustainable options are made accessible through the SM Green Finds.

SM Green Finds is a program that empowers customers to lead greener lives. At every SM Store, moms can find the Green Finds badge and a collection of green options for the discerning mom, prominently featured in the various selling pads of participating brands.

Green Finds That Are Safe for Your Kids

For mothers, the products they use on their babies must be natural and free from harmful chemicals. Sustainable brands are thus essential for green moms.

SM Green Finds Cradle Baby Bottle Cleanser
Even the soap mothers use for their children’s bottles should be considered. This Cradle baby bottle and nipple cleanser is an essential aid for every green mom.

It is natural for moms to obsess about every detail of child care, from the body wash and shampoo they use to bathe their babies to the dish soap they use to wash their babies’ bottles. And discerning green moms will choose only the best, safest products for their little ones.

SM Green Finds Little Dragon Body and Hair Wash
Mothers’ care for their children begins with natural products that have zero harmful chemicals and help to protect sensitive babies’ skin. This baby wash from Little Dragon is a great, environmentally friendly start.

Available through Baby Company—these products are all-natural, gentle on the skin, and free from animal testing.

Greening Your Home 

These sustainable raw materials can also be found in products for the home, such as bed linens made of natural bamboo. SM Home carries Green Finds for your Home.

SM Green Finds Green Living Margaret
Ultima fabrics are made from sustainable bamboo linen.

Also, by pursuing hobbies like gardening, green moms can expect to cultivate healthy, nutritious food sources from their own backyards. What’s more, gardening can be a relaxing hobby that promotes better mental health.

For Plantita green moms, Ace Express at the SM Store is an essential stop for Green Finds.

SM Green Finds Soiless Potting Mix
Ramgo Potting Mix provides the perfect blend of nutrients to help your garden thrive. Whether you’re repotting or starting fresh, make every scoop count!

From ACE Express at SM Store, homemakers can find ways to live sustainably through improved energy consumption.

SM Green Finds Ace Hardware Lightbulbs
LED lightbulbs consume less power than traditional ones, and they last longer.

As the effects of global warming become a part of our daily lives and the heat index soars throughout the Philippines, mothers would feel the need for a greener lifestyle. It’s all about providing a better future for their children. Sustainable practices can help to minimize a household’s carbon footprint. 

Along with its retail affiliates, SM Store can help green moms make a significant lifestyle change and be more intentional when it comes to parenting, and looking after their families, and their household. 

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Make that green choice today. Look for the Green Finds badge at SM Stores.

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