How To Choose The Best Eyeglasses For Your Kids

Too much screen time can damage our kids’ eyes. Here’s how to choose eyeglasses to protect their sight.

The most obvious damage that too much screen time has on our kids is their eyesight. Prolonged exposure means having to deal with radiation and blue light. This can affect their eyes in the long run. This is why some eyeglass stores have “blue light protective” lenses that protect kids’ eyes. Here’s how to choose the perfect eyeglasses for kids.

1. Ask yourself before buying a frame, “Do they sweat a lot?”

Sweat does a lot more damage to eyeglasses than most people think. Some kids have “acidic sweat” which can rust and eat away the metal components. Plus with them running around, metal can be more dangerous. Plastic glasses can take a bit of a beating even with sweat. Moreover, it’s more lightweight than some metal ones.

2. Find a bright-colored frame.

Kids tend to misplace their eyeglasses especially if they’re clear, black, brown, or some other neutral color. So it helps kids not lose their eyeglasses when brighter colors are chosen. Colors such as Marine (Blue), Manuka (Gold), or Jellyfish (Yellow) are pretty colors. It also helps if there’s a specific spot on their online learning set-up where they can mount their eyeglasses.

3. Square, oval, double-bridged — which style works best?

While the style doesn’t directly impact their vision, it does impact how they feel about themselves — which can affect their learning. Some don’t like using square frames because it makes them look “too nerdy”. Oval makes them feel “too old”. Kids will always complain but curating and giving them a few designs to choose from can help empower them.

4. Check if the kids’ eyeglasses need grades or not.

Sometimes, the damage from the screen may already be done as kids might already have some form of astigmatism (distorting images to make them look blurry), nearsightedness or myopia, or farsightedness or hyperopia. The only way to find out is through the eyeglass studio’s in-house optician or optometrist where they use a device to see what kind of lenses children need. Once they have the eye grade, they can place an additional layer on the lenses for blue light protection.

Sunnies Studio just debuted their line of Anti-Rad Eyewear for Kids. Designed to lessen the strain from staring at the screen for too long, getting kids eyeglasses for their hybrid learning helps them sleep better and improves their focus, too!

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