How Inside Out 2’s Latest Emotion Enlightens Parents on Raising Teens

The official trailer of Inside Out 2 mirrors the various developments in a teen’s mind while introducing a new emotion: Anxiety!

Disney’s Pixar has just dropped a new trailer of Inside Out 2 — the sequel to the emotional movie Inside Out — and revealed several new developments inside Riley’s mind. One includes a new and complex board as the existing emotions, Happiness, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear, witness their headquarters in complete disarray. But another includes a new emotion: Anxiety, which appears to be a standalone and not a combination of any other emotions!

Answering a Parent’s Age-Old Question: What’s going on in our teens’ heads?

Teenagers are confusing: that has been a fact we’ve long accepted. But we also have to remember that maybe our parents thought the same way about us, too. With the various developments happening, teens may make mistakes or express emotions that are not typical of their personality which we see through the expansion of the brain’s board from the initial movie. Inside Out 2 will most likely be tackling that awkward transition phase as Riley undergoes the hardships of a typical teenager. From peer pressure and conflict with parents, Anxiety, as an emotion, will most likely be the source of it all with the other emotions trying to mitigate the potential damage it may cause.

The Difference Between Fear vs. Anxiety

Fear and Anxiety, as shown in the trailer, are two different emotions despite somewhat being synonymous. However, Fear is an emotion that emphasizes vigilance: it allows an individual to protect themselves from things that may hurt them. On the other hand, Anxiety is a reaction to fear while having a whole umbrella of other feelings. It may appear as a fixation on fear and the attempt to avert the crisis when in reality there may or may not be any.

Some traits of an anxious teen or child may include social withdrawal, overthinking, overperforming, and becoming snappy and irritable. All these occur because they’re waiting for something their mind perceives as a threat which means, there’s a good chance in Inside Out 2 that we’ll see Fear be more at the console in comparison to the first movie where it was mostly Joy and Sadness who took control.

Coming out in theaters this 2024!

While there is no projected exact date for Philippine cinemas, the movie is set to come out on June 14, 2024 in the United States. Most likely, the Philippines may follow the same schedule as Singapore and its other Asian neighbors. But the movie appears to be quite a conversation starter for both parents and teens. It bridges the gap when words fail; by showcasing what happens in the mind of a teenager, perhaps, Inside Out 2 may finally be one of those movies that can make conversations between teens and parents happen instead of debates.

Check out the trailer below!

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