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Derek Ramsay, Beauty Gonzales, and Zeinab Harake Star in a Family Horror Movie

Derek Ramsay and Beauty Gonzales reveal that their starring in a horror movie together while debuting another celeb mom: Zeinab Harake.

Horror movies in the Philippines often involve a slighted lover or death due to domestic violence. But celebrity dad Derek Ramsay recently revealed on his Instagram that he’s starring in a new horror movie with celebrity mom Beauty Gonzales and YouTube sensation: Zeinab Harake. Titled Kampon, the movie takes a dark twist when both Derek Ramsay’s and Beauty Gonzales’ characters appear to be dealing with a child who ushers sinister tidings.

Source: Derek Ramsay Instagram

Is this the original one from 2019?

But Kampon isn’t exactly a new title. It was originally supposed to come out in 2019 but it had been pulled out from the Metro Manila Film Festival due to a late request to change the lead actor from Derek Ramsay to Gabby Concepcion. There had been a conflict in a contract which prompted the sudden change. When this happened, celebrity mom Kris Aquino, who was also supposed to be part of the film, expressed her sadness but gladly abided by the rules because “she was raised to follow them,” according to an interview with Inquirer.

However, Derek Ramsay revealed he was sticking to his promise to finish the movie, saying that he promised Atty. Joji Alonso (or Ninang Joji) that he would finish the movie.

“Yes, I’m doing it. Matagal ko na gusto itong script. I read this 2019 pa and I promised Ninang Joji I’d do it. I’m doing this for Ninang Joji, and my love for MMFF,” said Derek in a text to

Derek Ramsay, Beauty Gonzales, and Zeinab Harake Star in a Family Horror Movie
Source: Derek Ramsay Instagram

Repackaging family horror

Besides veteran actors and parents Derek Ramsay and Beauty Gonzales, a new celebrity parent joins the cast: YouTube sensation and mom vlogger Zeinab Harake. Although we’re not entirely sure what their roles are yet, the trailer shows that they’ll be dealing with a darker entity who takes the form of a child played by Mini Ms. U’s Erin Espiritu.

Among Filipino families, we normally enjoy either family-based or supernatural-based horror because of the various jump scares and how family-centric our culture is. We often watch horror movies that are based on the heartbreaking aftermath of domestic violence. But having a younger villain also sends an interesting message: it’s how kids are easier to persuade to do both bad and good things.

Source: Derek Ramsay Instagram

Filipino horror movies for Halloween, anyone?

Halloween is always a good reason to watch horror movies. Especially during the dark and rainy season, the rain and grey skies set the gloomy and spooky tone. If the weather decides to rain on our Halloween parade, we will still have a selection of horror movies to watch. Besides, the Philippines has inspired other horror movie directors with its various settings and backdrops. We’re sure there’s something to watch from our own local entertainment!

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