It’s Pawesome to be a Furparent!

There are too many pawesome things that happen to make you love being a furparent.

Although we parents are sometimes the most reluctant ones to bring home a pet, the creatures slowly grow on us until they become our furbabies and we, furparents. Soon, we start talking to them as if they were our own kids. We might even have more photos of them on our phones—next to our kids. We also learn never to settle—so we scout all sorts of places like Luxuripets to make sure we give our furbabies nothing but the best.

They kept us sane throughout the pandemic.

When everything nearly drove us insane, our furbabies were the only ones who didn’t. Snuggling up to us, releasing that healing “purring” sound, and licking our faces in the morning—furbabies can make us feel the most wonderful range of soothing emotions. So, it’s only fair that we give them the best treats. But there are many furbabies out there who don’t have a human to care for them—which is what Luxuripets is trying to do.

Thus, to celebrate its first year, Luxuripets launched their “Box of Hope” to support The Animal Kingdom Foundation, an NGO that aims to provide and improve the welfare of rescued animals. They’re also working to put an end to the underground training of dog meat.

Besides celebrating its first year, Dr. Z Teo and Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo happily announced that they will soon have a branch of Luxuripets in Commercenter, Alabang. Brands such as Ollie Bowls,, Ruff Treats PH, Charco’s Dog Treats, Kyuubites, and Make and Bake for Pets joined to celebrate the occasion. And for a little take-home, Kaisu Pet Hub produced customized limited-edition tote bags perfect for storing pet accessories for a day out.

It’s a lot of work being a furparent but pawesome in the end!

The love from our furbabies is unconditional, all the more why it’s pawesome to be a furparent. Despite the barking and meowing in the strange hours of the night, or just cleaning up after them, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them. What can we say? We see our furbabies like our own children. And they deserve nothing but the best. From food to shampoo, if it’s the best, it’s probably available at Luxuripets.

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