Iya Villania-Arellano Shares Primo’s Big Grin Despite His Fall

Celebrity mom Iya Villania proudly shares Primo’s big smile even after he fell.

Parents always celebrate their kids’ victories but never their failures. But mistakes are worth celebrating too because it’s a learning experience; something that celebrity mom Iya Villania is happy about when Primo went up to her with a big grin despite falling into the dirt. He didn’t cry; his smile was from ear to ear which had Iya praising how well he took the fall.

“Proud of not how well you tried to play but of how well you took a fall,” Iya praises her eldest while also thanking his ninang, Sam Valenciano, for the candid shot.

Source: Iya Villania-Arellano’s Instagram

Iya: “Not every fall will look like this.”

Falling never looks nice. Some come out dirty with bumps and bruises while some come out with broken bones. But Iya is right when she says not every fall will have mud-caked smiles. Some falls will have tears and others will break hearts. But the most important part about building resilience is being there for the fall and celebrating the way to getting up, which is probably why Primo took the fall so well.

We can even see from the reel that despite being covered in dirt from head to toe, Primo is all laughter and smiles as Iya even offers him a “high five” for taking the dirt like a champ.

It’s not easy to celebrate “falls” with our kids.

As parents, it’s part of our nature to not want our kids to fall. We’re always there to immediately pick them up and deal with the problem for them. But what they need from us is to be with them when they fall so that in case they do need us, we’re there. Besides, kids tend to surprise us too when they pick themselves up. Kids like Primo are more resilient than parents think!

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