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How K Brosas Helped Her Daughter Crystal Come Out to the Public

Comedian and singer K Brosas shares how she came to accept her daughter Crystal as a lesbian before she came out to the public.

In 2020, K Brosas posted a video where she had her daughter Crystal by her side. It was in that video that Crystal confirmed that she was lesbian.

Three years later, broadcast journalist Karen Davila sat down with the “Sasakyan Kita” singer and asked how she initially reacted about her daughter’s sexuality.

K Brosas: “I already knew.”

In the conversation posted last October, K told Karen that she already knew of her daughter’s sexuality.

“Matagal ko nang alam. Alam ko na high school pa lang nakakaramdam na ako. Pero siyempre kwento niya iyan,” she said. “Dapat siya magkwento.”

When someone told her about her daughter, K decided to talk to her about what she heard.

“Kasi nakarating sakin, ‘Yung anak mo tomboy pala.’ Ayoko nang lumaki so sabi ko, inunahan ko na siya. ‘Anak, alam ko na,’” she recalled of their conversation. “Iyak lang siya ng iyak. Ako hindi umiyak. Sabi ko kahit halamang dagat ka pa. Ganun dapat kasi sa panahon ngayon, anak ‘nyo yan, siyam na buwan ‘nyo dinala iyan.”

K added that while she has gotten comments about her daughter, she is not the type of person to pressure her to have a child.

“Again ang mga anak natin, ano yan, produkto? Kahit naman hindi tomboy ‘yung anak ko, sabihin sakin ng anak ko na hindi siya mag-anak, wala akong magagawa, hindi ‘yung (sasabihin ko) mag-asawa ka ha, bigyan mo ako ng apo. Wala akong magagawa sa ganon,” she pointed out.

How K Brosas Helped Her Daughter Crystal Come Out to the Public
Source: kbrosas Instagram

A reminder to parents: Be there for them

While it has been three years since her daughter came out, K has been constantly supportive of her daughter and her partner. While it may be tough for some parents to accept in the beginning, it is still their child.

Coming out for some kids may be tough. Some are not ready or are afraid. But if their parents are there to support them, it will give them courage to be their real selves.

How K Brosas Helped Her Daughter Crystal Come Out to the Public
Source: kbrosas Instagram

After all, being real is something we always tell each other. We should model that to our kids as well.

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