Kate Bernal-Dee Welcomes Her 3rd Son, Jeon Tyler

Kate Bernal-Dee happily posted on her Instagram early this morning the birth of her third son, Jeon Tyler.

Content creator mom Kate Bernal-Dee celebrated the birth of her son, Jeon Tyler. Born at 4 AM today, the little tyke weighs 6 pounds and 36 ounces and was born in Makati Medical. For those who are wondering about the little boy’s name, yes, you guessed it! His name Jeon came from this mom’s bias: Jungkook from BTS! The name “Tyler” was on her husband, John Dee’s, part. Kate even jokingly mentioned that her son’s name would have been Jeon Jungkook if her husband allowed it.

Photo from Kate Bernal

Thrice The Charm

When Kate Bernal-Dee posted her gender reveal video on Instagram 6 weeks ago, she thought she would pass the crown as queen of the house. Her cute caption read: “I was ready to hand over my crown but I guess I am still DEE queen of the house.”

While preparing the room for Jeon, Kate even posted a picture of his nursery for him along with his name reveal. The room appeared to follow the latest neutral color trend but with a few wooden elements such as the little basket for his stuffed toys and his baby mobile.

Photo from Kate Bernal

Congratulations, Kate!

We’re sure that Justin and Johnnie are more than happy to share the love with Jeon. Especially since we know the two boys are not only doted on by their mom and dad but by their loving aunts, too — Kris and Kate’s twin sister, Katie Bernal. We’re also sure that the member of her mom tribe, Team Bakunanay, will be with her all the way. Once again, congratulations!

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