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Who is the Muse Behind Katrina Halili’s Acting Career?

Katrina Halili reveals the one person who made her work harder during the taping and production of the action series, Black Rider.

Everyone has a muse or a fountain of inspiration for everything they do. And for mom Katrina Halili, it was her nine-year-old daughter, Katie. She added during a media conference that promoted the latest action series, Black Rider, it was when she gave birth to Katie in 2012 that she was inspired to work harder on her acting career more than ever. She also thanked GMA for the 20 years she has been affiliated and working with them.

“I’m more dedicated to my work now. I am more inspired to work because of my daughter. I used to take work for granted. Back then, I was always looking at my Plan B, which was to go home to Palawan,” Katrina admits. “But when I became a mother, I became more inspired.”

Katrina Halili
Source: katrina_halili Instagram

Finding the one person to devote everything to

Motherhood triggers a lot of changes, not just aesthetically but mentally, too! Before becoming moms, there were days it felt easier to retreat because we only had a responsibility to ourselves and whoever we were working with. But motherhood gives us that extra juice to persevere: it’s that same juice that pushed Katrina Halili to go through rigorous training to play her role as Romana, the assassin in Black Rider despite it being a far cry from her usual roles.

“Medyo nahirapan po ako kasi kailangan kong dumaan sa training. Mag-big bike tapos mixed martial arts,” Katrina opens up jokingly during the conference. “Noong unang tinanggap ko po ito, wala akong idea na ganyan. Ang alam ko po, drug lord lang na mag-uutos-utos. Super shocked po ako na ang daming trainings po tapos ako po pala yung gagawa ng action, akala ko taga-utos lang po!”

[“It was a little difficult at first because of the training. There was learning how to use a big bike and then mixed martial arts. When I took on the role, I had no idea it was going to be like that. What I knew was that I was playing a drug lord’s right hand. I was so shocked that there were so many trainings, including for the stunts! I really thought I was just going to be ordered around!”]

A stark contrast from her roles as Jillian Ward from Prima Donnas or Katrina from Unica Hija, Katrina Halili’s dedication to becoming the mom Katie needs is what even allowed her to pull through from her accident on Black Rider. Most especially, if it’s in a role that can empower her daughter to be just as tough as she is.

The Muse Behind Katrina Halili's Acting Career: her daughter Katie
Source: katrina_halili Instagram

All in the name of being the mom Katie needs

There will be days when we moms will have to take risks. But these are calculated risks: the biggest deal-breaker or winner being how much it would benefit our kids. Sometimes, it will mean doing something that’s not our usual. Although Katrina Halili has found comfort in doing more soap opera roles while adjusting her schedule to be the mom Katie needs, venturing out of her usual comfort zone gave her a chance to show her daughter that there’s more to acting than drama.

Currently, she’s in a co-parenting arrangement with her ex-boyfriend, Kris Lawrence.

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